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  1. Love the silver candlesticks clustered behind your sink! What an elegant setting to wash dishes!

  2. Thanks Jenna! That was originally supposed to be a garden window, until I realized I couldn’t reach back there on a daily basis to take care of plants! lol. Candles to the rescue… 😉

  3. Beautiful fall decor, Lory! I have the Botanical Pumpkin plates, as well, displayed above my cabinets! The candlesticks are such a gorgeous addition! Everything is so warm and inviting, while still being elegant.

    1. Thanks Shenita! I actually wanted those plates last year and they didn’t have enough by the time I got to buying them. So glad they brought them back this year! You will see them again on my Thanksgiving table… 😉

  4. Lory,
    Perfect post for this not so perfect day!!!
    Ugh!!! Cleaning day here on the Prairie!!!
    However, this delightful post is just the inspiration
    needed to get me started . . .and first on my to do list. . .the kitchen!!!
    Gorgeous Autumnal warmth in your stunning kitchen, dear one!!!

    1. Thanks so much Pat! And I hear you… we were away this weekend and today I need to spend the day on groceries and just organizing everything. Ugh is right!

  5. The seasons just seem to get away from me. I have those same pumpkin plates, but have yet to photograph my table, and then need to quickly set it for Halloween. There is so much eye candy here. Tell me about th lovely platter with the French recipe.

    1. Thanks Pattie! One of the reasons I love blogging is because it forces me to pay attention to the seasons. I love that because it feels like living very ‘in the moment’… 🙂 That platter is from Gien. It’s a discontinued pattern (aren’t they always?) but I think you can still find some online. I think it’s called Desserts Gourmand or something like that. I have the dessert plates, as well. Thanks for visiting!!

  6. I love to see that you have wood cabinets, not painted, and I adore all of those fabulous silver candlesticks. Gorgeous fall decor. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  7. Potpourri, nuts and pinecones mixed with candles will definitely work for me. Thanks for the idea.

  8. Beautiful Fall décor for the kitchen…some are so elegant like the candles sticks by the sink! I know it must smell good too with the potpourri, pinecones and nuts. Gorgeous everything!


  9. You’ve got such a BEAUTIFUL kitchen Lory!!! Thanks for the fab tips!

  10. Gorgeous fall touches Lory….and I am having a serious crush on those wonderful candlesticks behind your sink!

  11. Wow, your kitchen is so beautiful, warm and inviting. I love fall colors and do my whole house in that palette. It is nice when fall comes around and people think I went out of my way to use all the fall decorations!

    1. Thanks Michelle! And lol about the colors… 🙂 That’s how I feel about my family room. I was planning to change it and go all white, but the golden tones work so well for this season. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment!

  12. I just pinned this and am adding it to my facebook page. Love all the ideas. So true! Thanks for sharing. 😉

  13. Very, very pretty! We don’t have a center island, but I sure wish we did. Oh, the things I could do with it!!!

    I love the melange of candlesticks behind the kitchen sink! Very cool! I have a fairly large expanse of countertop space behind ours, so that is something that would look pretty for the holidays. Thanks for the idea! Pinning and doing!!!

    1. Thanks for the pins!! Yes, that garden window was a challenge. We put it in to try to bring more light into the room, but it never worked as a garden because it’s hard to reach back there on a frequent basis to water plants. After various tries, I finally came up with the candles… 🙂

  14. Thank you for the great idea of the dessert plates under the cake dome, If your cake needs to be kept in the fridge , the plates are already there and kept clean for use, and I know I have seen it before but seeing it now it just hit me what a great idea it is, Thank you, also your kitchen is beautiful.

  15. I would love to know where did you get that basket that is holding the pine cones?? I am super in love with it! Looks lovely!

    1. Thank you so much! It’s from Home Goods. Thanks for visiting… 🙂 I have a new autumn vignette coming out on Thursday, so stay tuned!!

  16. Would you want to sell the home goods basket to another design enthusiast and pass on its beauty?!

    1. Hmmm… maybe. I actually have it on my list to go through the seasonal closet and make some room. Let me think about it and email you… 🙂

  17. Vicki Bray says:

    Love the look you have going in the kitchen! Everything is beautiful! I keep thinking of fall and lots of advertising going on right now! However, we have 100 degree weather coming up in the next few days. I can’t bring myself to bring out the pumpkins just yet!

    1. Haha, those posts are just meant to inspire and plan ahead, for those who will want to order stuff. The funny thing is, I’m usually late to the party and wind up not posting a lot of things because I’m too late… 😉

  18. Vicki, I agree with you! Pretty things on this blog–but way too EARLY. Too many stores push, push the seasons & holidays. Here, in Texas, we have 100+ for another month and 90’s for 2 months after that! I’d like to live more in the season we’re in! Summer is wonderful, although hot, and I like to enjoy! By the time the season actually arrives, I’m fatigued!! lol!

    1. I guess it’s hard to serve everyone equally, as the weather is very different in various parts of the country. Summer in the northeast is over in 2 weeks, and since my posts are meant to inspire, I publish them a few weeks ahead of a season, so people have time to research and shop if they are interested in a look. Also, if I waited until October to post fall, that would only give me a few weeks, which is not enough time to get everything posted. Likewise for holiday, if I waited until after Thanksgiving, that would only give me 2 weeks to get the posts up.

      You can always hold off and read the posts a few weeks later. I usually include them again in the “in case you missed it” section of my emails.

  19. Do you know what brand the planter tray basket from HomeGoods is? I would love to purchase one, but I’m sure the only place I can find one would be online. Unless, you’re ever willing to part with yours. 🙂

  20. Lory, today’s post is especially motivating because projects are doable, many without a shopping visit, e.g. candle into my glass trifle. Most of us are eager to turn the seasonal chapter, infusing spaces we love with tranquility and quiet beauty. Significant even when we live solo.

  21. Debbie Pope says:

    Love the autumn kitchen ideas. Can’t wait to try some. Thanks

  22. Britney Jones says:

    These ideas make me so happy! I just love fall and decorating my home for the season. I want to make my home feel nice and cozy and show off my painted cabinets in my kitchen. I’m going to use some of your ideas for my kitchen! Thanks for the ideas!