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  1. Those are all great ideas for adding fall touches in the home.

    1. Thanks, Kim and thanks for stopping by! I seemed to have trouble with my links but got them all fixed and have yesterday’s added in now too… 🙂

  2. The loveliest and most romantic of fall touches!

  3. Thanks for all the great tips. I am gonna start right now to bring the fall into my home. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  4. I love your fall decor and your space is gorgeous! So refreshing not to see everything in white! I love your couch! Where is it from? Love the color and texture of it and the warm wood tones in your furniture. I love the animal print pillows too. Going now to check out your Instagram feed!

    1. Thanks so much, Sandy! Yes, I do enjoy the whites, but I seem to need color for my own home… 🙂 Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the Insta feed!! I do post there every day…

  5. So peaceful and pretty. I always love the ‘non-orange’ pumpkins and the velvet ones too.

    1. Thanks, Laura! Yes, the velvet pumpkins seem to be my new crush this year! Can’t get enough of them and I love the range of colors they come in!!

  6. bobbi duncan says:

    Oh, so elegant, and love the velvet pumpkins!

  7. So lovely, your home is both elegant and welcoming! I am sure that coming to visit you is always a delight Lory. Your tips are fabulous.

    1. Thank you so much, Lidy! I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time, so hearing this from you is especially meaningful… 🙂 Thanks so much for all of your work with this tour!! I’m delighted to be a part of it!

  8. I really loved all your tips. Your home looks so beautiful and I like how you selected fall decor that worked with your homes color palatte! So beautiful!!

    1. Thanks, Kristy! I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of working seasonal decor into a palette I enjoy… 🙂 I see you did the same!

  9. I love your elegant and sophisticated living room. Soft fall touches that give your room warmth and coziness.

    Thank you for the inspiration.


  10. You have a beautiful and sophisticated style! Thank you for sharing! ~julie

  11. I love all of your decor Lory! Your home is so inviting and elegant! I love all of your tips and soft colors for fall! Pinned 🙂 xo Heather

  12. I love the way you blend the soft and subtle with Fall touches. Can you tell me where you got the leopard print pillows on your sofa……I love those. Toni

    1. Thanks, Toni! Yes, I was planning to add the links into the post when I got a moment. Will see if I can find the info on the pillow and add it now. Thanks for visiting!!

  13. Love the pink, cream, and green for fall…soft, but still warm. I just decorated today, using red, yellow, and orange, my favorite colors. In future, I am thinking of a softer palette. My upholstery is neutral, so I have flexibility. I pinned the paint product to my paint board (eventide username), but no idea how to get link. Sorry…tech newbie.

    1. Thanks, Tracy! Sounds like your color palette is very pretty, but if you just go softer, you’ll have your signature look but with a more gentle feel to it. And yes, neutral upholstery makes everything easier, so you can change your look by simply rotating accessories.

  14. I have pinned to one of my boards, not clever enough to link it! Also followed you on pinterest, I am subscribed too, but love your inspirational table scapes so I wont miss a thing now! Thank you for the posts and your great detailing!

  15. I did it! I pinned in on Pintrest on DIY. Love the fall ideas and especially love, love the velvet pumpkins! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Such pretty inspiration and I am a big fan of velvet pumpkins. My are on the softer side as all my fall touches.


  17. What a lovely home; thanks for sharing. ‘Have pinned the paint saver!

  18. Lory – absolutely stunning. My pinning finger is worn out going thru your post. I wanted to save & savior every image. Love having you with us on bHome & the tour!

    1. Thanks so much, Kelly! I’m delighted to be on the tour as well! And thanks for the pins… 🙂 I’ve been pinning away too from all of the posts. What a pleasure to have some new things to pin!

  19. Love your posts. I pinned The Paint Saint post!

  20. Absolutely beautiful room!!! I need a boost for fall, and I think your ideas have given me just the help that I need.
    I have nowhere to “pin” anything, but I would love to be entered into the drawing.
    Many thanks, and blessings to you,

  21. Lory, your home is so elegant and filled with so many lovely touches for fall. I think those pumpkins on the floor next to your sofa looks amazing!

  22. JAN JUSTICE says:

    I’m loving the white slip covered sofa in the living room picture. Wondering the brand of sofa and if you all had it professionally upholstered or are those slip covers. I want it! I love it! I need it!

  23. As usual, lovely ideas for inspiration. Thanks so much.

  24. All fabulous ideas Lory! I’m ready to go get some wine, goat cheese and pears, and settle down with a cup of tea and a good book by the fire! 🙂 Happy Fall!

  25. Love the soft colors you use. Just beautiful!!