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  1. Love it! Has me thinking about doing a small tabletop tree using my demitasse/espresso collection.

  2. Kathy Pelletier says:

    Lory, It is beautiful. I would have expected no less. I love your home. I love your tree in the Dining Room and it seems like the perfect spot that everyone wants to linger after a meal. Also, I just recently started following you and probably missed it, but I love the buffet in there. Where did you find that !!?? Look forward to much more this season 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy!! I actually found the buffet years ago at a store that was closing, but I will soon be adding resources to many of my older posts and where items are not available, I’ll include similar options currently available. I’m planning on getting that going right after the holidays… 🙂

  3. Bravo Lory for the very first tree that you have decorated and what better to start with a gorgeous tree from Tree Classics. I love that you added your own touch by adding the vintage tea cups as you love to set a most beautiful table. An exquisitely decorated tree to enhance the decor of your beautiful dining room! Have a most wonderful Holiday Lory!

    1. Thank you so much, Shirley! It seems the natural way for me to go… 😉 I’m really enjoying being on the tour with such a wonderful group!

  4. I love it, Lory! The addition of the vintage cups is such a unique idea. Love the blingy napkin rings, too. I say you did quite well for your first tree.

    1. Thanks so much, Kim! As much as I love vintage, I also love my bling… lol. I really had fun with this one and now I’ll want more trees for next year!

  5. Lory! How enchanting!! I love the dainty tea cups used for ornaments mixed in with the metallics. Its lovely and I think wonderful that you are adding a tree for your holiday decor.

    1. Amy, thanks again for including me, as I had such fun with this tour! I think I’m hooked now and want more trees next year… lol! I’m completely blown away by the quality of tree Classics products too… 🙂

  6. Lory, I am enamored with your vintage teacups on your tree! They are a perfect reflection of your style! Im so happy to be on this tour with all of you beautiful ladies!

    1. Thanks so much, Cindy! I just love having the tree in the dining room and having another place for my teacups!! I’m also delighted to be on this tour with such a great group! You guys all inspired me… 🙂

  7. Well done, Lory! I love the teacups and recognized your napkin rings immediately. How very clever of you! I’m always impressed with your unique view. I was raised Catholic, but like to add a little Hanukkah corner somewhere. This year it’s a set of nine mercury glass votives on a slender “silver” tray I found earlier this year at Pottery Barn. I bumped the center votive with 3 stacked quarters and have an old dreidel ornament next to it. I love the rich traditions of our Judeo-Christian history.

  8. Your tree did not disappoint…I knew it would be fabulous! With the tea cups and other table ware in addition to conventional ornaments, you made the tree your own. Love the varied textures of the ornaments. Great idea for keeping the storage boxes close by.

  9. A beautiful tree, love how you used the teacups and napkin rings.

  10. Extraordinary use of items, really unique and I LOVE it!! Beautifully done, elegant and classic. Wow, just a great big wow at the creative talent you have!

  11. So cute using teacups on a tree Lory! Always so exquisite.

  12. What a creative and gorgeous tree! I love the vintage china tea cups! Genius!

  13. It’s beautiful and what a great idea to use your china cups!! I would be afraid of them falling and breaking, so I’m not sure I am going to do that, but how I do love the look!!! That is so YOU Lory!!! Bravo.

  14. Patricia Wilson says:

    Lory, I’m an agnostic former Catholic…my loving and wonderful husband is a secular Jew. Nevertheless, we always celebrate Hannukah and Christmas. We always prefer when the two holidays occur about the same time as they do this year. I love your first X-Mas tree…lovely and imaginative. I love your sense of style in your home, and also your imaginative and lovely seasonal tablescapes. I’ve saved them all to copy in my own home. I collect teacups as well, so I love that you integrate them into your everyday decor and now your first X-mas tree.

  15. Loved the Christmas Trees,the china cups are great would not have taught of them.Thank you.

  16. Merry DeGuire says:

    Hi Lory,
    Love your website. So happy to find it. Could you please share with me where
    to purchase the angel on your sideboard? Absolutely love it.

    Wishing you a very Happy Holiday!


    1. Thanks so much, Merry! I found the angel at a local garden center, but I’ve been looking for others like it and they’re not that easy to find. If I see any online, I will certainly post the links. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!

  17. I love how you’ve decorated your first Christmas tree, Lory! Teacups are close to my heart, too, and if 100 of them weren’t in storage, I’d be tempted to copy your tree with the sweet baby 4′ tree I picked up at Sam’s Club on clearance this weekend. 🙂 I hope you have a lovely Hanukkah this year! May God always bless you. <3

  18. Thank you for the tea cup idea. This year my mom became an amputee and became a resident of full time nursing care. I brought her vintage tea cup and demitasse cup collection home with me. She lived all around the world during her young mothering years and collected as she went, especially in Europe. She continued to collect with a critical eye until just last year at 88 years old and you have given me great inspiration. I will use your idea to honor her and her passion this year.

  19. What a brilliant idea, Lory! Such a perfect concept and tree location! I’ve been getting a lot of insight into your tradition via your posts, too. Such a fun way to learn and expand my cultural understanding, especially since I love table setting so much! You are always so inspiring! Happy First Tree! 😉

  20. Lovely, so very lovely, esp the vintage and the bling. . . .we love that sparkle. It turns up a notch with the lights. I am yet another one who loves the garden angel on your sideboard.

    1. Thank you so much!! Yes, I wish I could find more of those chippy garden statues… 🙂 (Not that I know where to put them… lol!)

  21. DeeDee Clark says:

    I have a tabletop tree in my dining room which has a “tea” theme. All of the ornaments are tea cups, teapots, or tea related in some way.

  22. Absolutely beautiful! Great ideas. Thanks for all the inspiration!