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  1. Well done, love those lamps!

  2. Like all spots in your home, this one looks so perfectly lovely and a wonderful place to curl up! Your desk is so neat and tidy, I think I have a little work to do!

    1. Ha ha, thanks Chloe! I actually do keep my things neat and tidy, but hubby uses this desk too, so you can be sure I moved a ton of papers for this shoot!! He promises he’s in the process of organizing, but I have my doubts… 😉

  3. I’ve coveted your desk for awhile. If I had one more square inch to place it, I will have one someday! Always enjoy your posts Lory. Hope you were able to get the mercury glass votives for the perfect modified menorah at soft surroundings. And your mason jar Seder plate is definitely thinking outside of the box. I’m not Jewish, but I love the traditions, and your ideas are so unique.

    1. Thank you so much, Ginger! Your comments are always a pleasure to read and your appreciation for my style and traditions warms my heart… 🙂

  4. C. Gresham says:

    Lory, a couple of questions: where do you store your laptop, desk accessories (pens. paper, clips, etc.) office “stuff”, how do you get your husband on board with keeping things so tidy, and isn’t the ottoman too short for comfort for guests in the office or is the office just a home work space? Your spaces always look amazing.

    1. Thanks for your questions and kind words! My laptop is almost always on my lap!! Lol. But seriously, I do walk around the house with it so it can be found almost anywhere. Desk accessories are in the desk drawers, except for pens which I keep in a vintage china creamer on the desk top. I also keep business cards in the vintage china napkin holder. However, getting hubby to comply with his papers is a little more challenging. It’s a work in progress. I’m a staunch believer that the key to staying organized is having a designated place to store things. We have two file cabinets in this room and that huge shelving unit behind the desk, so I’m hoping once hubby gets his stuff together, it will all have a proper home. I did have to move a few piles for this shoot, though… 😉 As for the ottoman, the only real guest in there is me and it’s perfect for lounging on and chatting with the hubs when he’s at the desk.