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  1. Once upon a time I was super organized. I went so far as to put the dimensions on a sticky note attached to each tablecloth. I had assorted sizes that would fit the table with different number of leaves. I also had a small journal that kept an inventory of what I had. Little crazy. The funny part is I did these things while I worked full time. Now that I’m retired I can’t imagine spending my time doing this! But thinking about it, it was really a time saver when planning for the holidays.

  2. Ahhhhh! This makes my heart happy to see! I love to open a drawer and see it beautifully organized—they’re just usually not my own! I loved your idea about visualizing and measuring the space for each item…but then don’t you need to order…then wait for the delivery….? I do feel a little linen purging coming in though!

    1. Yes, truth be told, the ordering time is not included in the 20 minutes. In this case, I’ve had so much time at home, that I planned all the drawers in the post at once and ordered all the containers.

      Then as I was ready to approach a project, I’d wake up each morning, pick a drawer and get it done before my day started. Since the plan takes into account the rough layout of the existing drawer, I could pretty much visualize the final product before I even started.

  3. I always love the spaces you feature, but what was up with the bright green walls in the bedroom? I hope it’s on the to-do list! 😉

    1. Hmm.. I guess you never read my post about our master bedroom… 😉 You can find it here: https://designthusiasm.com/updated-master-bedroom-ideas/

      I’ve spoken often about the green walls and how much I love waking up to that uplifting color. I spent a good bit of time refining the color, having chosen a more subtle color initially that was simply too muted, and ultimately found my preferred color by matching an envelope from an invitation.

      In person it’s a clean clear but light color with plenty of crisp white in it.

      That said, I’ve recently been thinking about potentially taking the color out of the room, like I’ve removed the color from most of our rooms, but I’m afraid it might take the joy out of the space. It remains to be seen.

      Suffice it to say. if I do wind up changing it, it will be an experiment on a whim. It’s certainly not on the ‘to-do list’ as if it was something I felt *needed* to be done.

      1. Your reply makes me think that the true color looks different on my monitor. I’m sure it’s lovely. (It looks fluorescent to me!) I’m a big fan of removing the color from rooms so I’ll be on the lookout if you decide to do it.

  4. Ah, I love to see organized drawers and cupboards! Recently I organized my seasonal napkins by folding them into rectangles and standing them on their side in the drawer. It really helpsto see what I have when I’m ready to set the table.

  5. I always use a nice drawer liner in the drawer, instead of placing my fine linens directly on the wood bottom of the drawer. This adds a nice touch and helps protect the linens.

  6. Thank you for an interesting article, especially liked the oversized spare drawer!!!)))

  7. Thank you for taking time in talking about organization! Current we are painting cabinets, doors and drawers. We do have a smaller junk drawer, but I like the idea of keeping it neat and handy.

    This will be easy to spill over into the night stands as well where I keep the candle lighters!


  8. Janice Lechiara Kinderman says:

    I love the containers you used to organize your daughters makeup. Will you share where you purchased them from?

      1. Lory, thanks for providing the link in your reply to Janice. At the end of your post you indicate that you have resource links but unless I’m overlooking something there are no links included. Only an add for restoring wood cabinets. Also, thanks so much for these organizing tips. They are very helpful and motivating. For some reason I absolutely love to clean out, purge, and organize and your ideas are great!

        1. You’re welcome! Ok, this is a bit concerning because you are the second person who mentioned not seeing the links at the end of the post. Just about every one of my posts has a widget at the end with all the links including a photo of the product. It does sometimes take a few minutes to load, but it should always be there. If you are not seeing it, I’m not sure how to troubleshoot that. Can you please advise if you are looking on desktop or mobile? Also, if you give it a few extra minutes to load, does it then show up? Thanks for your help!!

          1. I can see them Lory. I’m on an Apple Ipad.

            Are the dice to see who does a chore, perhaps?

            I measure my drawers and then go pick up containers. With my measuring tape, I plan out the drawer to maximize storage right there in the store. I love seeing everything neatly placed in its compartment.

  9. These are great ideas and good reminders! My dining room buffet drawers are on my to do list this week. Thank you for the help and nudge!

  10. You have an amazing , beautifully organized kitchen. After seeing yours, I talked my husband into being ok with installing a chandelier into our kitchen. Now I smile whenever I walk into the room Since I first saw them, I am madly in love with your kitchen cabinet pulls, the ones that look like brass shells, not the long narrow ones. Can you share the source?