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  1. Your floral wallpaper reminds me of my “mistake floral carpet” in my last house. It was beautiful (on the sample board) but that small piece didn’t show that there was a larger overall pattern. The carpeting was in my bedroom, the hall, and the stairway all the way down to the living room. Expensive doesn’t cover it. It was quality and would not wear out! Wouldn’t pill, lose it’s color, nothing! Looked like the day we bought it when we locked the doors behind us and moved here!
    It’s so hard to get it right sometimes. Especially when our taste runs to something other than the everyday run of the mill that you see everywhere. It’s comforting to know that you as a designer sometimes hit the the same snag as we do and end up living with a mistake.
    Your powder room is exquisite. I’m so glad to see the gold finish back on trend. Now, if you could only come help me finish my master do over……..

  2. Where did you get the beautiful towels and soap you have pictured in your bathroom makeover?
    your bathroom looks gorgeous.

  3. This is gorgeous! Did not guess that the walls were wallpaper. Love the elegance, love the chandelier & sconce, love it all!

    1. I agree Sharon, I had to study several pictures before I could determine if the walls were papered. I thought it was beautiful, too.

  4. The room is beautiful!! Everything you did is stunning!!!

  5. Barbara C. says:

    I love the new look. And that tiny wood table with drawers is precious!

  6. I had to read the comments first because I thought I misunderstood. That really is wallpaper!!! I can’t believe a wallpaper can look so good! Believe me , I stared at that wallpaper for the longest time thinking it can’t be. That’s so amazing and I’m going to check it out. Your bathroom is amazing!!

  7. Debra R. Gibboney says:

    VERY smart move! The combo of the greys and gold are strikingly beautiful. I actually like the “goldish” floor. It seems to ground the use of gold elsewhere, keep that in mind when you put in new flooring. Thanks for sharing, it’s quite inspiring.

  8. LOVE that wallpaper and rug Lory – your makeover is stunning! (I have several “mistake” stories of my own – most involve some DIY gone wrong!) Thanks for the reminder fix what you don’t like! 🙂

  9. Bobbi Duncan says:

    Gorgeous make-over, Lory!!1 The trompe-l’oeil wallpaper looks just like raised panels…I really had to look at it awhile and still thought it was the real thing. Everything about this bathroom is perfect…..love it, love it, love it! Hugs!

  10. What a lovely bathroom! I thought the walls were really paneled when I first saw the picture! So pretty with the gold fixtures!! Love it!!

  11. It’s hard to believe that is wallpaper! It is beautiful and now your lovely mirror and other pieces look very much at home. I think the rug is a great solution to the tile floor. In case you want to consider it for the tile floor, there arel tile decals that several bloggers have recently used for phase 1 makeovers. Apparently they are durable and they appear to be quite beautiful. I believer there is one that simulates marble. I know there are some that simulate small white tiles. Just search for tile decals.

  12. Oh yes, the dreaded design mistakes that always seem to haunt us even when we try to get it all right the first time. One of my worst was carpeting our whole house with wool carpeting only to discover I was allergic to wool and miserably ill until we had to cut our losses and install new flooring.

    1. Oh no! But that reminds me of another mistake of mine which also involved a wool carpet which was flat and awful from the day we got it… ???? Long gone now… ?

  13. I researched this wallpaper on mineheart and it only comes in white, your’s looks like it has grey shadowing or is it an allusion? Love your room?????

  14. C. Gresham says:

    Looks stunning! And so much larger. With the nice rug over the tile forget about it and move on sister! You will find many other places in your home more desperate for your talents. I know we all wish we had even an ounce of your decorating skills and vision.

  15. So is the white with gray shadows no longer available??? It looks stunning in your powder room! Not sure the all white version would have as much character…

    1. Thank you! And actually, the one that is linked in the post IS the same one I got. It looks more gray in person, even though they call it white… 🙂

  16. Please give me the name of the wallpaper, is it smooth or textured? I love it and looked at Mineheart website.

    1. The pattern is just called “White Panelling Wallpaper” and it is textured. The link in the post takes you right to it… 🙂

  17. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I thought you had spent a fortune putting in all that molding!! It looks fantastic and all the accessories are perfect. When you were trying to decide what to do, why did you not put up wainscoting? I have a teeny tiny powder room and so I hesitate to do a wainscoting. I’m headed to the wallpaper link. Thanks! and happy Hanukah!

  18. Jackie Barrell says:

    I adore everything you did here, especially that wallpaper! I feel your pain as I lived with a “mint chocolate chip green” foyer for 11 years due to bad paint picking 😁

  19. Hello, love your powder room design!! I would love to see if I can find the chandelier for my upcoming powder room project but didn’t see a link for it. Would you happen to know where it can be purchased? Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you so much! I assume you are referring to the overhead chandelier and not the light over the mirror? If so, it’s an antique piece found at a vintage market. I would advise looking for vintage lighting until you find something you love. Good luck!!

  20. Thank you so much! That must be one of the most beautiful chandeliers I’ve ever seen!! What a great find!! 🤩