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  1. Lory
    So glad to see that landline phone. I think I may have told you before that my adult children say we are the only people in America with a landline

    1. Haha, Diane! I LOVE my landline!! In fact, I yell at people when they call my cellphone. We have terrible reception in the house… 😉

  2. Very beautiful. ..good ideas……not over done. ….great job. …

  3. Judy Chaperon says:

    Love, love, love the colour! I am not and have never been a “ beige” person. I think we should take our cues for fall decor from Mother Nature, who wields a glorious palette at this time of year. Happy to see the pumpkins too! Great change of direction.

    1. Thank you, Judy! I tend to go a little softer than mother nature, and add a touch of pinker tones, but for the most part, I’m following the season… 😉 Glad you like it!!

  4. I LOVE the soft colors you used!! This is my favorite fall décor!! Thank you for sharing your lovely designs!!

  5. Have a very Happy Birthday!

  6. claudia bassano says:

    Where are the hydrangeas from?

  7. Beautiful and “quiet elegance” as usual. Not sure. but I think it was you a couple of years back that decorated the mantel similarly and used some silver vases for the pastel pumpkins. I loved them.
    All across the country, homes are decorated so differently for fall; I love it.

  8. Jean+Windham says:

    Lori, I love your decor especially the different ways you mix colors. Beautiful home and I am a French country person myself. Jean

  9. claudia bassano says:

    Source for those faux hydrangeas?

  10. Didn’t see where the faux realistic hydrangeas are sourced from. Did I miss it? Thanks, Nancy