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  1. What a pretty bedroom, and the bedding is gorgeous Lory! The tiny velvet pumpkins are just perfect with your colors!

  2. Lory, I love the fun colors in your room and I love that coverlet! The tufted chair with the pretty purple throw is exquisite. Happy fall!

  3. Lory, The coverlet really is stunning!! I love your nods to fall and think they are a lovely compliment to your space. xo

  4. Lory….I have always adored your bedroom!…So many gorgeous details and furnishings…love the tufted chair and the deep purple throw that adorns it. The coverlet is a wonderful solution to you not being able to have a dust ruffle…I have that same situation and love what you did!
    Always a treat visiting you!!!….Happy Fall!

    1. What a lovely comment, Shirley! And how funny you have the same situation with the bed skirt. I actually would love to replace our bed and get something lighter and softer, but for now the voluminous coverlet hides a multitude of sins… 🙂

  5. Lory! I absolutely loved your tour. Thank you for giving us a peek around!! My favorite part was just reading your tour. You have such a descriptive style of writing. I feel like I’m being led around by you with a glass of tea in my hand. Well done! Happy Fall!

    1. Thank you so much, Emily! That actually means a lot to me. I do sometimes worry if my writing style will resonate with people, but I write the way I speak and I’m glad you appreciated it… 🙂

  6. Your decor is just stunning Lory and I love how much care you put into every single touch!

    1. Oh, thanks so much, Janet! It’s nice that the effort comes through… 🙂 Thanks especially for including me on this tour. I really enjoyed participating!!

  7. Lory, your bedroom is so beautiful, and inviting as well! I love the colors you’ve used for Fall, and the tufted chair is a beauty! So happy to be on this fabulous tour with you!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! It’s funny because our bedroom really is a bit stronger in color than the rest of our home, and yet still has all that white. I’ve been thinking about painting the dark furniture, but need to practice on some smaller pieces first. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. The bedding looks so beautiful in this space. I love the vibrant colors you have used, yet it still remains a soft space. I love your take on fall.


    1. Thanks so much, Nancy! I wonder if I’ll look back and think I was nuts to use so much white for fall, but for now it felt right. So fun blog hopping with you!!

  9. Your bedroom is just gorgeous and you certainly have an eye for exquisite detail. The coverlet is perfect!

  10. Oh the bedding is so pretty, Lory! And that chair & cabinet are to die for. You have a beautiful room! So happy being on this tour with you.
    Hugs, Jamie

    1. Thank you so much, Jamie! Funny, the cabinet is also from Soft Surroundings but they don’t have it anymore. If it ever comes back I can add the link it. I use it as a vanity… lol! Happy fall!!

  11. What a lovely space, Lory! And those jewel toned velvet pumpkins are so beautiful!!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I think I’m the last person on earth to get velvet pumpkins and then I couldn’t decide on color. I finally ordered them right before the shoot (in fact literally shot half the room before they arrived). But I was so happy with them when they came… 🙂

  12. You have a beautiful bedroom, Lory! The colors are so pretty and I love how the pumpkins fit right in. I have a similar bed in my bedroom and I really like your idea of the coverlet. It flows so beautifully down the sides of the bed.

    1. Thanks, Shelley!! It’s funny, I always think of myself as using really pale colors, but compared to all the whites out there, it’s actually pretty colorful… 😉 Thanks for stopping by!!

  13. So many pretty, pretty details Lory! I love your taste, and your Frenchy things. You pulled it all together so beautifully.

  14. I love the fun colors in your bedroom! The coverlet works perfectly for you and is so pretty! And that chair adds the perfect touch! Enjoying the tour…hugs…Debbie

  15. Your bedroom is gorgeous and I love your bedding. Soft Surroundings is one of my favorites. I am a collector f tea cups. I also have many that were my grandmother’s on booth side.


    1. Thank you, Cindy! Isn’t it so much fun to have things that our grandparents owned? I sometimes wonder at how I didn’t appreciate them when I was younger, but fortunately, they weren’t lost. Thanks for visiting!!

  16. I love the bedding. I tried finding it on Soft Surroundings. Which one is it? I enjoy your blog so much!

    1. Thank you so much, Paula! I’m so sorry but the bedding which is this: Soft Surroundings 68733 SANTORINI SKIRTED COVERLET doesn’t appear to be offered anymore on their website.

      I try to add sources to all my posts, but the problem is when these companies discontinue the items, it’s impossible to go back and update all of the posts. Here’s a similar one but it doesn’t have the matelasse top: https://rstyle.me/+9rRt5nnGdjImDie-JuTY3g

  17. Hi Lory,
    The violet covered teacup sure would look nice in my bedroom! I decided to perk up my room with a bit of amethyst this year and added a couple of pillows in that color. To blend everything I crocheted a throw in the same color. It’s so very different from what’s featured everywhere, I just love it. I’ve gotten rid of more teacups and teapots than I can count, but I can’t remember if I had one with violets. I keep looking for a purple transferware teapot but haven’t found one yet. The tray makes such a nice setting. Everything looks so inviting in your home, your pictures have my husband ready to paint our kitchen cabinets!

  18. I love your blog as your suggestions usually tie in with things I already have and I realize I can change the decorating by shopping the house! One example is I will be putting a small white metal tray on the guestroom bed and adding some dried lavender and tea cups, etc. on it. All things I have. I love to decorate and move my treasures around. Thanks.

  19. White coverlets make a bed! Especially in the summer heat.
    A lovely shade of green and it’s a favorite of mine. A little green seems to warm a room.

  20. Teddee Grace says:

    So pretty. I love the bedding in your setting.

  21. Linda Hickey says:

    A gorgeous fabulous bedroom you have. The velvet pumpkins just makes it pop to another level of elegance. A very stylish appearance.

  22. Love love love the fall updates. The fall ideas are so beautiful. Thank you Jean