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  1. Oh Lory, you’ve created very motivating gym space! ALMOST makes me want to work out! Well done!
    Lazy in Texas, Ginger

  2. I agree with Ginger, we added a gym in our home over a year ago with the hopes of working out at home. We have used it MAYBE 5 times. I am going to try some of your tips to make it more appealing for me to get un-lazy and actually look forward to using it. Thanks so much! ā¤ļøļø

    1. Yep, it definitely helps to make it appealing. I don’t love that our gym is in the basement and has no windows, so I was motivated to make it as nice as possible… šŸ™‚ Good luck with yours!

  3. Lory Thank you so much for this post! We are getting ready to add a home gym and I was at a loss on floor coverings, a good paint color, all of it. I have been following several home decor blogs for years, googled this subject and have not seen anything, anywhere. For me, your timing was perfect!
    I can’t wait to use your ideas.

  4. I do exercise but if I had a home gym like this I wouldn’t hate doing it as much. It looks great.

  5. I am very light and color sensitive. I love the color you have painted your room. Also the flowers and crisp white towels. You have made a very appealing place to get in shape.

  6. Your suggestions of things like beverage coolers and media outlets were really helpful to read about. I want everyone in my family to start working out in any way they can, and I want to show them that it isn’t a boring activity. To do this, I’ll make sure I keep your suggestions in mind and put them in the home gym we’ll make after getting the essential fitness equipment for it.

  7. Can u please link me that cooler. Looks great