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  1. Such a charming table especially for a summer lunch! I love seeing items from Walmart being used in your designs. It is the only store for miles around and I’ve had to learn to integrate the Better Homes & Garden brand into my decor after we moved here 3 years ago. Some of the things you can find there are amazing and look wonderful coupled with thrift shop finds. My major challenge is finding storage so that having multiple sets of things is a problem. Had I known I was going to move here, I would have chosen white for my everyday dishes!

    1. Thank you, Margo, and I completely agree about the Better Homes & Garden at Walmart brand. There are some really beautiful items and the prices are amazing. I will be working with them every month, so you can look forward to seeing a lot more… ?

      Now, as for dish storage, I’ll be doing a post on that in a bit. I get asked that question probably more than any other and I’ve promised I will get to it. Just have to finish sorting though all the stuff from my parents’ house first.

  2. Biodynamic Barb says:

    LOL! I did the same thing with lipstick and wish I had bought 55 because they discontinued it (I bought all I could find).

    I love those honeycomb glasses! The description says they’re ‘lightweight’. Does that mean they’re thin and delicate? They look thicker than ‘thin’.

    Thank you!

    1. I forgot to clarify that the lipstick WAS discontinued, which is why I bought so many of them! I was buying them online from all over the world until I couldn’t find anymore. I have since found a company in NY that matches colors for you, so now I just order it from them…

      The glasses are lovely. Not exceptionally thin, but they’re not heavy either.

      1. Teddee Grace says:

        Oh, please tell us what company matches lipstick colors! I can’t get the one I use most. Love the table setting!

        1. Thanks, Teddee!! Actually I linked the company in yesterday’s Wednesday Wishlist. It’s called Three Custom Color.

  3. I love this! It’s so nice to see how affordable items can look expensive & glamorous with just a little bit of effort. Did you get everything at your Walmart store or did you shop online? Well done!

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! I bought everything online for this post, but I’m headed to Walmart today to check out some other items that are only available in store… 🙂

  4. Love the summer “tablescape” as I love to change decor with seasons. Thanks for all the beautiful ideas. So nice to show affordable items and the mix with current items you already have!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Mary Ann! I do find the mix to be the most attainable way to freshen up your decor as frequently as possible… 🙂

  5. Beautiful just Beautiful! Thank you for the great tips…your the best….

  6. Diane Corsaro says:

    love the tablescape and how you mixed it all together, the tulip candles are adorable. Love the tablecloth and the chair covers. Beautiful!

  7. Barbara C. says:

    I agree about adding one expensive thing. As I have gotten older, I spend money on shoes and handbags. Most of my clothes are not expensive anymore. But have to have expensive shoes for the comfort, and beautiful handbags because I love them!

  8. Very lovely as always Lory! I have purchased a few things at Walmart online myself this year and have been pleased.

  9. Oh Lory – this just takes my breath away! How stunning! White and gold are my very favorites, and the light touch of color just blows it out of the park! ? It’s so great that some of the pieces are so inexpensive – that certainly doesn’t hurt. Thanks yet again for another wonderful inspiring post. (And golly, I hope MY lipstick never goes out of production!!)

  10. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Lory, the table is beautiful and the height of summer. The last time I had a dinner party I made an arrangement that was very “light & airy” so guests could see each other across the table. Someone had the nerve to move it to the buffett!! I have made sure the centerpieces are low and it makes me sad because I love having a nice explosion of flowers on the table. I love how you have incorporated your elegant flutes with inexpensive dishes. So tastefully done.

    1. It’s a funny thing, but I never worry about what happens to the table after everyone arrives and sees it. (many photograph it too… ;-)) I figure the dishes are going to get dirty anyway. So I set it the way I like and whatever happens happens. ?

  11. Where did you find the gorgeous shell or Mother of Pearl charger plates? They are beautiful!

  12. elizabeth says:

    Lory beautiful tablescape! It’s about time Better Homes & Garden’s Walmart decor gets some attention! I have found such inexpensive decor items at Walmart. (Better Homes & Garden, Brand) Everything from bedding to dishware, etc. I also blog and even though Walmart does not sponsor me, I always make sure my followers know where I purchased my decor items especially when it’s Walmart BH&G and most are usually surprised! I love the way you incorporate your higher end pieces to the tablescape, looks absolutely wonderful! I too have a couple of lipsticks I just stick with because it’s hard finding the right shade I’m happy with! 😉

  13. carina rice says:

    Your vintage glasses are beautiful. Do you remember where they are from? I know there is a site where you can get retired patterns.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I got them on eBay and they are from Arte Italica. You sometimes have to purchase them in bits and pieces and be careful they’re exactly the same if that’s what you want. (They’re not always the same size.) This is why I only have 6 of the goblets and 6 of the flutes, but they mix and match nicely. You can try these links:

      Actually, here’s a more general link tat will take you to many options: https://rstyle.me/+YtDlGU9QwAEDxAMPoqFP5g

  14. carina rice says:

    Thank you so much for the info. No wonder I like them so much.I have an Arte Italica set of dishes that I love.

  15. Hi beautiful setting and beautiful blog. You have an amazing style! Just a question bc I couldn’t find it in the blog post. Where did you get the tulip votives? They are absolutely stunning

  16. They are beautiful. Thank you for responding.

  17. Excellent idea Lory. You mixed and matched those pieces beautifully, and produced a spectacular display. I have acquired many pieces over the year from Better Homes and Gardens on line, and at the store. I am very satisfied with my purchases. I will be watching.

  18. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful tabletop pictures and delightful article. You didn’t just make me smile, I laughed out loud for the first time in a month.. (issues with an adult child.) No, your table doesn’t look fat in white, in fact, it is gorgeous. 55 lipsticks? That took me back. I think the most I have of one color is 4. At least tell us what color you are so fond of. Smile. Have as wonderful of a day as you’ve helped me have!

  19. This is probably one of my favorites of your tablescapes and I love the love tulip votive.

  20. So many melamine options now days. I wondered if it was acceptable to use with guests because I think it works well. So glad to see you using them as one never knows anymore. The tulip candle holders are so sweet!