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  1. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I keep reading your kitchen organization tips as I sit and stare into my kitchen. I know when I start pulling everything out that it will be overwhelming and gratifying at the same time. We have an abundance of spices (3 drawers of them) and several Sam’s size containers so I need to decide where to keep the big boys. I do love the drawer organizer you use too. One thing I have a problem with is buying something because it is a good buy and thinking “I can use this one day” 🙁 Unfortunately, that day rarely happens. I am trying to only buy cooking supplies as I need it and stay away from large quantities. You’re so correct about the more space the more clutter! I have a huge pantry and need to clean it out and start over….soon;) Great post and well presented. Thanks

    1. Thank you!! Also, don’t be afraid to throw things out that you’re not using. Even if you spent money on them, if you’re not using them, you’re not saving anything… 😉

  2. Oh my goodness, this is my dream kitchen-beautiful, organized, and functional! I’m having my kitchen cabinets redone by a local cabinet refinisher, and I have to take everything out of my cabinets. After my cabinets are done, I’m going to attempt to organize them as well as you did. I’ll for sure be purchasing some organizational containers to use, thank you for including where you purchased those!

    1. Thank you and that’s wonderful that you’re having them painted and will be forced to re-organize. It’s a great motivator… 🙂

  3. Debbie Jones says:

    I love your beautifully organized kitchen! I think if I had a pantry I might have more room . Being short I can never easily reach for things . I have too many seldom used items to fit on the top shelves so I better start getting rid of a few things. Or maybe use the garage for storage of seldom used items. It would certainly help me to be more organized. Thanks for the great tips and keep them coming!

    1. So glad you found it helpful! I will definitely be focusing more and more on organization, as it’s the thing people ask for more than anything else (plus it’s my personal obsession)… 🙂

  4. Barbara Carroll says:

    This is great! I have bookmarked this page. Thank you.

  5. Great tips! I immediately got to work and moved things around for easier access. I will think of you every time I pull open my pots and pans drawer. No more bending and stooping and fishing for a lid in the back of a bottom cupboard!! You made my day!!

  6. Your beautifully organized kitchen is amazing! Thank you for the extensive resource list. I will be referring to this post again and again!

  7. Besides the joy of just looking at your gorgeous kitchen, you really sparked a lot of great ideas with this post! I can’t wait to tackle my baking cupboard next! Thanks as always for the fabulous inspiration!