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  1. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Lory! I am visiting family on the coast of Florida and just read this post! I have a large walk-in pantry and it’s somewhat organized. However, I also have stuff on the floor, which drives me mad. It’s like the elephant in the room…I just ignore it. Your post triggered a revelation that I have too much storage space! I know that sounds impossible but it’s true. With only my husband & I at home, I can use all the closets to fill with my stuff. And I do! So, after reading this post, I now know what I need to do. Get rid of duplicate items such as mixing bowls (why do I need 3 sets?) so, I am excited about getting home and cleaning out my pantry. Merci douce Lory!

    1. Awesome!! I’m glad you’re inspired… ? Yep, use that as your goal to clean it out enough to get everything off the floor. But first enjoy your trip!

  2. Lori your pantry looks fabulous. I use the same pop top canisters in my much smaller pantry but I bought a small labeler to label each one so everyone knows what’s in them. Have you considered that or isn’t it a problem for your family? Thank you!

    1. Hi Linda! I love those containers! The only place where it could be a problem is telling the difference between the flour and the pancake mix, so I just keep the box label on the back with the date on it. It also has the instructions for the pancake mix… 🙂 But I do love the way labels look too!

      1. I think your pantry is great. I have switched my pantry closet over to snap top containers and clear glass jars so I can see everything easily.My problem is getting rid of things I don’t use. Just because they are neatly organized it doesn’t mean I need to keep them.It is just my husband and I and we have a large kitchen with lots of storage. I need to realize every space does not need to be filled. Today is cold and snowy here,a perfect time to get rid of the items I never use.

        1. Yes, today is the perfect day for that! Here’s my advice for getting rid of things. Move them first into a box that you keep near the garage. If after a few weeks or months (or however long you need to feel comfortable) you don’t miss them, then just toss (or donate) the box. Once you remove the items from your pantry, you will become emotionally detached from them and it will be easier to get rid of them… 🙂

  3. Sally Carter says:

    Love it, but….cleaning products should never be stored above food.

    1. Good point! I got in the habit of putting them on a top shelf when the kids were little and we wanted them placed out of reach. Kids have long since grown. Most of my cleaning supplies are now under the sink, but I do have the extras up top. Mostly silver wipes and that sort of thing, but I have to admit the Raid is up there too. Better move that to the garage! Thanks for the tip… 🙂 (Will be working on the under sink area soon anyway, so this is a good time to address this.)

  4. I love your pantry so organized with great eye appeal. I love the idea of using baskets for water bottles and other drinks. I will be doing this.

  5. What great ideas, Lory! I have been using those pop-top containers for some baking supplies and love them. (And I started with a set and returned it because the sizes were all wrong. I too have switched to buying individuals on sale!) Thanks for your tips about the baskets and the appeal of eye-level organization.

    1. Aren’t they great? Funny story. So today, hubby came home from the supermarket with a new package of pancake mix. I asked him why he bought that since we have this huge container of it. He said, “Oh, that’s what that is?” So maybe labels are a good idea… 😉

    1. Hi Claudia! I actually searched high and low for those containers because I wanted more for myself and I love them. Sadly, they are discontinued.

      1. claudia bassano says:

        Thank you for trying
        Love this blog!

  6. Julie in NC says:

    Love your wonderfully organized pantry! I currently have a walk-in pantry with wood shelves, but hubby and I will be moving soon to a house that has a pantry similar in size to yours with wire shelving. After our move, your pantry will be my inspiration!! Could you share where you purchased the plexiglass shelf liners? I like the idea of making wire shelves more “solid”.

    1. Sure! I got them at Home Depot and I think I recall having them cut them down for me. Or maybe it was my handyman? It was not an expensive project at all.

  7. I have been made fun of for years as being a “decanting queen”!!! I have used pop top containers for cereal for years. Anything that shows the contents is the best. I just moved into an apartment and bought A LOT of the same containers for all my grains, lentils, etc and can see everything. Out with all the cardboard containers!! I either cut the front of the cardboard container and slide it inside the front so it’s visible or I use my trusty label maker, which is the best product ever invented!!!! Bar none!!!!

    I have been fortunate to have an extra long garage so I used my steel shelving to set up a wall and create a tiny studio(and I do mean tiny) at the end near the kitchen door. I also ran my steel shelving down one side of the garage. I bought the perfect plastic boxes that have a slideout drawer and are stackable and sorted all my craft items, tools, etc. And then, of course, I used my label maker so everything is visible and at my fingertips. It’s just a dream to have access to what I need in a second rather than scrambling through boxes of stuff. This was an investment of money but so worth it. I also use those clear plastic boxes as drawers in the cabinets and in the refrigerator, everything labeled in front, of course. There is no waste now because I can see what I have and am not buying duplicates. Love your post.

    1. I am SO with you!! Decanting is awesome, and I’m also completely addicted to pull out clear drawers. I use them for *everything*!!

  8. I’m a recent subscriber, and this post was just fantastic. Thank you for sharing… I’m hooked!

  9. In clean food pantry what is wrong with having wrapped items on the floor. Everything needs to be in a basket?

    1. I like the baskets because it keeps the bottles from falling over and keeps them ‘reined in’. I keep a step stool on the floor so I can easily reach things on the top shelf and being able to access it quickly is what makes it effective. Before we had the baskets, I found the bottles would creep forward and block the bench. It’s also easier to vacuum the floor because you just have to pull out the whole basket to get in there, not pull out each individual bottle.

  10. Lory, you really weren’t calling out to God when you started this post 🙂 were you?

    I’m just so sensitive to hearing the Lords name in vein. I just love Him so much its painful xoxo

    1. Hi June,

      In my religious tradition, when we are referring to God, we say Adonai, because we don’t say his actual name, nor do we spell it in Hebrew. So we can refer to God, but not say his name. That is because we share the same reverence that you feel. Hence the very common expression OMG has nothing to with the Lord’s name.

      I hope it’s not painful to you that I have a different religious tradition, while still sharing your reverence for God.


  11. Well, I must say the thing about this pantry that pops out the most is the step stool at the bottom. Lol
    No matter how much I organize it always comes down to my tall husband putting things away where I can’t reach them!

    1. Haha, yes!! I totally hear you… 🙂 The key is convincing my husband not to put bottles and things in front of the stool, because what makes it convenient is that I can pull it out so easily. One should not have to move bottles to use the stool.

  12. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    Your pantry is as organized and lovely as your home. I am inspired once again. I have several sizes of glass containers I’ve had for years. They keep things fresh and insight how ever, I am really tired of popping and pinching my fingers with those wire clasp on the top. Thank you for all the great ideas.

  13. We are in the final throes of a complete kitchen renovation. Like you, I am an extremely neat person. (Someone gave me a label maker as a gift a few years ago,,, best gift ever!). We added rollout shelving to our deep pantry cabinets, wow, am I in love. Friday I got the go ahead to put everything away in the new cabinets. Freshly lined shelves, purging of rarely used items, everything in containers or baskets and labeled…my heart is singing! You did a great job, what a thing of beauty! Would love a blog on your favorite cleaning products.

    1. Ah, girl after my own heart! Sounds like you will love your new space!! That’s an interesting idea to do a post about cleaning products. Ok, I’ll have to think about doing that… 🙂

  14. Lory! Plexiglass on the wire shelves is brilliant!! You’ve just changed my life!

    Plus you’ve reminded me of the clear containers I’ve wanted for years. Thanks a million!!

  15. Bev Rockey says:

    I love a organized closet! It would be very helpful to have a breakdown of the cost you spent! It would give a idea of the makeover $$$

    1. Hi Bev! All of the items are linked at the bottom of the post, so you can just count them from the pic and calculate it. Of course, it makes more sense to figure out how many fit in your own space and calculate that… 🙂

  16. My angled pantry is a total mess! I plan on using some of your ideas but my pantry’s design is somewhat awkward. When the 24 inch door is opened you need to wedge yourself inside to see the far end portion of the shelves on the left side. Maybe it’s time to hire a professional.

    1. Sounds like you may need some slide out shelf solutions. Maybe try asking in the container store if they have someone that will work with you?

  17. Thanks so much for the suggestion but the container store doesn’t have any stores in my state. Unfortunately, I haven’t beEn able to find stores that have in home consultants.

  18. CarolBinTX says:

    I did a partial re-haul of my pantry last year. My pantry is probably 3/4 the width of yours, but the shelves are 2 ft deep. I have issues with the paint scraping off of them…need a solution for that. I go to the store once a week/every ten days and I come home putting stuff in the bins for at least an hour. I don’t mind this as I love my days that I’m free to “putter” in my kitchen. And, it really has reduced the duplicative purchases and finding the same thing on different shelves. I’m the only cook in the family and I like it like that! I live with my husband’s sister and I think instead of learning my system, she just quit going into the kitchen! I created a cabinet shelf for the stuff she eats most (which is stuff I wouldn’t eat)! My struggle is with “the extra”. What do you do with the stuff that won’t fit in your containers? For instance a 5 lb bag of flour will not fit in my mom’s antique, very big jars, I’m left with about 1/2 c of flour! I’ve been putting that kind of stuff behind my containers or on the very top shelf behind the cereal and every week as I’m putting stuff away, I refill the canisters. I put a lot of stuff out in my garage refrigerator too…nuts, flour, sugar, etc! I need to tackle the floor this year…it’s out of control! In fact that’s my goal in all my closets…declutter and organize the floor!

    1. Sounds like you’ve got the right attitude for keeping everything in order once you get the right plan. For the paint scraping, I would put everything in the plastic Linux bins so nothing is touching the painted shelf. It also helps keep everything separated and orderly.

      I try really hard not to have extra. That’s more difficult when hubby shops, as he buys tons of stuff we don’t need, but I try to discourage that. I probably haven’t used 5 lbs of flour in my entire life! BUT that said, I would put the extra in a woven bin on the top shelf. Or if all else fails, we have an extra fridge in the basement.

      But I do believe that half the battle is not buying more than you use in the first place. We’re just 2 people living in our house and eat the same things every day. I eat very few things that are processed so not much needs to go in the pantry.

      And I have a policy for all my closets – NOTHING on the floor! (Well, in the pantry I have a few woven bins there and that’s where the waters go.) But nothing loose on the floor, ever… 🙂

      1. CarolBinTX says:

        I love to bake…I probably have two or three 5 lb bags of flour in the top back shelf in my pantry as I write this! We’ve also had grocery hoarders here in Texas because of Covid and sporadic bad weather. I’m probably part of that problem! Also, I lived in a third world country 40 years ago where you might not see essentials…flour, sugar, potatoes, etc for MONTHS! Since we are empty nesters, I’ve struggled with buying smaller quantities and my husband too shops by unit price (so the bigger the better) and he LOVES Costco! This morning, I corralled all the lose chip bags and cracker boxes and put them in a flat pretty basket on top of the fridge…don’t know if it’s going to stay there! It didn’t fit in the pantry! I’m going to do something about the floor this weekend…need a trip to BB&B first as I know which bins I want!

    2. I would buy some felt by the yard and cut it to size.

  19. I’m about to tackle my pantry organization! My pantry is very similar in size o yours, and you’ve provided the perfect solutions! I think I’ll just copy the whole thing…. right down to the pretzel crisps!

  20. Can you tell me what size water hyacinth basket you bought to fit the 24 bottles of water?

    1. Hi Alyson,

      I’m currently on vacation, but I can measure the basket when I get home. I believe it was the extra large size, but I can’t be sure of the dimensions until I measure.


    2. Hi Alyson! I just measured the baskets and they are 10″ x 16″. They fit 15 bottles each, but I have several in my pantry. Hope that helps!

  21. Anne Jackson says:

    I could use your input on how to store food items in my pantry that has pull-out shelving. I use the pop-top containers for flour, sugar, etc. but the canned goods and dry foods seem to land wherever they might fit. The pull-out shelving is 21 1/2″ deep and there are 6 shelves. Thank you.

    1. I would probably treat it the same way as fixed shelving. You still want containers to corral your items, so I would just buy whatever fits on your pull out shelves – similar to the ones I have in the post. A mix of pop top, open plastic and open rattan baskets works best for me.

  22. Kathy Lux says:

    Love the pantry ideas and the clear containers make it so easy to see what you have!

  23. That’s impressive! I love the large clear plastic bins.
    I heard the Container Store wasn’t doing well financially. They have everything.
    You use Folgers coffee. Did you know they make coffee in tea bags ? It’s just me, so shortcuts and smaller packages work best. I hear you on the stool. My thing is I hate builder basic metal bifold closet doors. I have dreams of a walk in pantry with a wooden door. I’m okay with plastic bags. I have cats.

    1. Thanks! It felt good to get everything in order. As for Folgers, that jar is probably 10 years old… lol! Hubby uses K-cups and I don’t really drink coffee anymore, although I do still love it. I suppose I should listen to my own advice and get rid of it! But still, thanks for the tip!