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  1. I really like all the changes you have made in each room,

  2. Enjoyed the tour. Lovely. Thank you.

  3. Amy Chalmers says:

    I enjoyed your before and afters Lory! Everything looks so pretty, and your updates were spot on! My favorite room is your living room, with that lovely rug and new “coffee table”.

  4. Nancy Walden says:

    I had to laugh at your comment about changing your hairstyle! I’ve had pretty much the same style for years but I’ve changed the color a few times. My house is a different story! It’s has been through multiple updates in the last 6 years. Every room has been touched. Last Fall I bought a new sofa and 3 chairs for the living room. The colors and fabrics were chosen to compliment the updated rods/drapes I’d done the year before. A couple of months ago I painted my brass lamps so they look new even though they are probably 30 years old. The fireplace got a new surround and mantle about 2 1/2 years ago. I painted my hutch, table and chairs so the dining room has a new look too. The kitchen has new curtains and some new accessories. The hall bath was completely redone 6 years ago but in 2018, I painted the vanity so it looks like re-purposed furniture. I got new bedroom furniture 4 years ago and I recently changed the bedding and drapes. The master bath has a new accent wall and I painted the vanity. I changed the tables, drapes and TV cabinet in the family room. My office has a new desk and I added a chair I bought on Marketplace. I also had some stucco work done outside and added pop-outs around the windows before I had the house painted. I’ve been busy! I kept the costs down by doing all the interior painting myself, buying new things on sale and updating/re-purposing things I’d had for years. Now my friends are asking for my input on low-cost updates for their homes. Most of my inspiration comes from bloggers like you! Thank you for continuing to inspire me!

  5. Ha! I’d love to see how you’d change your hair! 🙂 I got bangs when I was 19. Otherwise my hair has stayed exactly the same since the time my mom let me grow it out at 9 years old! This is a great post, Lory – seeing the changes you made in your rooms is giving me all kinds of ideas! Thanks as always!

    1. Lol, I once (and only once) cut it short and dyed it platinum. I was going through my punk phase… 😉 The worst part was that this was right before I got pregnant with my second child and then had to grow it our during my pregnancy. It wasn’t pretty… lol!

  6. Fun to see the changes while keeping your essential style!

    Do you have an recommendations for curtain rods that are elegant but sturdy enough to hold up heavy, long panels? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Caroline! Yes, I actually do have a company I love to get my curtain rods from (and was going to address this in an upcoming post… ;-)). The ones I chose are a bit pricey, but make a huge difference in the room. And of course price can be managed based on what you select. The source is The Curtain Rod Shop and I love the Paris Texas Collection. I use the Eva finial in the Antique gold leaf finish with the 2” fluted rod in most of my rooms.

  7. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    This is a nice recap of your makeovers! I’ve been a blonde all my life and will be forever (as long as there is color in a bottle!) However, the styles have come and gone. I love changing my rooms around and I too love French Country style. I just adore your home and blog.

    1. Jullie King says:

      I serve that you replaced your sleigh bed. Unfortunately, I can’t. What do you suggest to update my sleigh bed? Thank you.

      1. Hi Jullie! Without seeing your bed, I can’t be 100% sure, but if it’s a dark wood sleigh bed, why not paint it an antique white? If I wasn’t ready for a new bed, that’s exactly what I would’ve done to mine… 🙂

        1. Hi,Lory,I’m one of your fans!I’m Nellie and I’m greek.I’m not very good in english but I’m trying to do my best.So,I’m an interior decorator and I love take a look at your incredible house with the french style.You do it fantastic!Very chic and cosy!I like the little updates and I’m very interested about new things and textile furniture changes.
          I’m most fan of the country style,but I always believed in freedom in someone’s decoration style,opinion etc.
          However,I adore the different tableware changes for any occasion and…..the flowers!!What can I say for the flowers?🌸🌸🌸🌸Amazing!🌷🌷🌷
          So,I don’t have,unfortunally,money to spend for new things or for updates,I try to do some little changes with everything I already possesed.But I like very much to see and read your updates and usefull ideas about the house!Thank you!❣️

  8. Love all the changes! Your living room is my favorite and dining room is nice but I loved the checked chairs! Miss them!

  9. Mary Novak says:

    Hi Lory, I love your style, which is almost identical to my decorative tastes. I struggle with combining the chic French style and adding a few modern touches so that it doesn’t look like our loving Grandma’s home.
    I appreciate all your beautiful photos and ideas to spruce up our homes. Seriously thinking of purchasing two arm chairs.

    Thank you for sharing for all your lovely ideas.

  10. I love looking at your home, the updates, the changes, etc. So beautiful, tasteful. I thought you had painted your master bedroom white? Maybe I am imagining things! Did you ever get to change your entry/foyer floor to white marble? And no, I haven’t changed my hairstyle very much in years! I was just so grateful that it came back after chemo, that I just went back to my easy- to- take- care of style. You realize after that experience, that there are other much more important things to worry about! Or maybe that is just my excuse for not changing the style!!! Love your post on the silver, as well. I, too, adore silver pieces and crystal. They are timeless elegance, and to me, they add a touch of elegance.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Nancee! No, I never painted the master bedroom white, although it’s still a thought. Don’t think I’m done with the green just yet… 🙂 Working on the entry hall now, as well as an upstairs bath. I enjoy the process, so I don’t mind never being done. And I haven’t changed my hairstyle either, even without the experience you went through. Just glad to hear your hair came back and that experience is in the rear view mirror. Wishing you the best! 😘

  11. Lory, I been following your blog for years now but my heart still skips a beat when I see your living room rug and tufted bench. It’s stunning!

  12. Suzana Martinez says:

    Hi there! I love your blog and ideas!
    When I click on some items to buy them a message denying me access pops up. How can I have access to some items?
    Thanks and congrats!

    1. Thank you! Can you show me an example? That should not be happening on any of the links. Some links do break form time to time (items sell out for instance) and I try to update as often as possible, but you should never be denied access. Please post or send me a link as an example. Thanks!!

  13. Hey lori, I love the head board in your master be. I like the way all the room look more cozy and warm, the white chairs in your dining room, I just had covers made of course there blue & white. Everything what I’ve seen looks so much better & not that drastic that it cost to much. Thanks again

  14. Color is so personal, isn’t it? Whether it’s our hair, our clothes or our living spaces, color evokes all kinds of emotions. I love the changes you’ve made and applaud you for thinking about white in the main bedroom. While I’m a huge fan of green, I can see white in that room would create more calm, serenity and softness. Cheers for sharing your journey!

  15. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    Thank you again for sharing all of your wonderful ideas with us all. Sometimes I wonder, “what else can you do?” but then you surprise me.
    Have a wonderful New Year!