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  1. Ivana Carmon says:

    Beautiful! I do have a question, we live in western KY and we have a lot of humidity, heat, and dust (from all the farms in our area). How do you manage to keep your cushions, throws and things so nice looking?? If I had a throw on my outdoor furniture, you couldn’t use it without having a sneezing fit! LOL

    1. Thank you, Ivana! The throws I don’t keep outside overnight. They come in with the serveware. But the cushions do stay out all summer. We’ve had to clean them many times due to pollen and other factors, as well. I found the first line of defense was to spray them with scotch guard. That made a huge difference in keeping them clean in the first place. But then usually once a year I need to scrub down the cushions with a detergent and a brush, to get all the green off from the trees (which in the summer, truly are green… ;-)).

  2. Thanks for sharing…why don’t you paint the teak coffee table?

    1. I actually have thought of painting the table and I might. But it will need a lot of upkeep then. I saw a pretty glass top table last year, so if I can’t find that one, then I may just go the paint route… 🙂

  3. Lory,

    That bench is SO cute and such a perfect choice!
    The airy quality makes it so smart for that spot!
    What a great coordinating piece with your existing set too!

    Happy Spring, Shannon