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  1. Lovely ideas all! What a great idea to refresh previous posts. I MAY have seen them before, but it all looks new to me. Keep ‘me coming!

  2. Beautiful ideas!

    Here’s a funny thing: I listened to the podcasts by the Design trio and made a comment. After the comment I decided to read the others posted. Your comment had 3 things starting with “L” ie Laughs, … Can you believe that my comment (with out seeing yours) listed 3 “Hs” ie: Helpful Hints, Hilarity… I just thought that was a hoot! Great minds….or perhaps we are helplessly ordered!

  3. Lory,
    Absolutely LOVE your blog!!!!!!!
    Just wanted to ask you a question. The honey colored bobeche as well as the depression glass colored crystals hanging from them— where can they be found? Your pink crystals are more depression pink or almost salmon pink looking rather than true pink. Also, can’t find colored bobeches. Would love your help and input if you would be so kind.
    Many thanks,

  4. A great collection of Valentine decorating ideas. I particularly like the mix and match tablescape. Happy Valentine’s Day!