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  1. Those tea cups are adorable. Had to leave a comment before I read yourpost this morning. Thank you for all your insight.

  2. I enjoyed revisiting your choices for your parents bedroom especially since I am in the process of redoing mine and I have such a small room. I do not have room for regular nightstands and my bed is in front of a wall of windows. I use a small table because I have a c-pap machine (not the most decorative element) but it makes having a lamp very difficult. I do have a buffet lamp that is tall with a very small base and love the lamps you have pictured here. But before I move forward it struck me that perhaps a small chandelier hanging over the table might afford me more room. Do you think that I would definitely need to have one on both sides of the bed? The opposite side has a reading chair and serves as my “she shed” when I need some time alone.

    1. Hi Margo, I love the idea of the hanging mini chandies, but I do think they’d probably look best on both sides. Is there another corner you can move the chair to? Or is it possible to use a nightstand with an open shelf so that you can put the machine on the shelf?

  3. Michelle B says:

    Love the blush and pink decorating ideas- blush is my favorite color!

  4. Barbara Sullivan says:

    This is my favorite site for Pretty!

  5. I enjoyed all the great posts this week. I had to laugh when I read that you don’t wear sunglasses and loose them all over the place. Reminds me of me. My daughter is always saying “Mom Protect your Eyes”.

  6. Beautiful photos today. I love fresh flower bouquets. I love that pink teacup, but either one is a winner. Thanks.

  7. Michelle B says:

    Your fall patio decor is beautiful! Where did you get the blue and white vase? It’s a little different than the one in the link.

  8. Laura Harrie says:

    You are showing two beautiful teacup sets, both I find so perfect for a cup of tea!

  9. lovely site as always, so much inspiration

  10. I am an avid teacup collector! I have frequent tea parties where each person chooses her own cup. I would love to add one of these to my collection!