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  1. So many great pieces on eBay and an awesome shopping guide! Beautiful!

  2. Wow! Great blog will thought out beautiful pictures…thank you for sharing and for the time it took you to put it all together…..I appreciate you…..thank you for all the great ideas….have a wonderful Thanksgiving….

  3. Lory I really enjoyed reading this and you’ve selected some beautiful entertaining pieces. I’m obsessed with the cheetah plates and how you’ve mixed patterns! Beautiful!

  4. I love your beautiful inspiration for Thanksgiving! Fabulous shopping guide Lory, I loved seeing the vintage pieces!!!

  5. Lory, youve done an exceptional job creating such a unique and charming Thanksgiving decorating guide! I couldnt just just one; theyre all a favorite!!

  6. Such great ideas Lory! Thanks for the reminder about eBay – there are so many wonderful things to find on there. I’ll have to look in the backs of my cupboards too and see if I have anything fun I’ve forgotten about! 🙂

  7. Wonderful post Lori, love your home and all the great ideas. I also am a lover of vintage silver pieces, I have many but always looking for more beautiful pieces. The shopping guides are fantastic, thanks so much for always providing us with beautiful ideas.

  8. Lory, I love how you style your home and your table settings are beautiful to look at. The problem I have is I can’t eat off a patterned plate, a fault I put down to my mother and grandmother, both didn’t like patterned crockery except the odd piece of delft blue and white jugs and terrines. I’ve tried to overcome this ridiculous phobia, but just can’t get by without a white or cream dinner service. The plus side is I inherited some beautiful delft ware items.

    My poor daughter is the same, although she happy to use a pale blue or pink dinner service. My three sons just think I’m nuts and couldn’t care less about what’s under the food.

    1. Hi Cate, Well, you’re in luck, because almost all of my tables utilize a white or cream dinner plate! I use the patterned plate as the top plate – the salad plate – which often I remove before dinner is served and save it for dessert. But dinner is served on the middle plate. So you can do the same if you’d like to set a pretty table but still eat on white or cream. I actually agree that food looks more appetizing on a crisp white plate (although I’m fine with china that has a floral border). Also, why would delft be ok then? The beauty of my system is you only have to pay for the salad plates and not the whole set!

  9. Sylvia Tang says:

    Hi Lori,
    Right before the pie platters, there is a picture of a pie server with pears on the top tier and a pie on the bottom. It is wrought iron with marble shelves. Where can I purchase this item?
    Thank you,

      1. Sylvia Tang says:

        Hi Lori,
        The gold stand was lovely, but it didn’t have the old world charm of the wrought iron and marble stand I was looking for. Thank you for the suggestion though.