1. So many great pieces on eBay and an awesome shopping guide! Beautiful!

  2. Wow! Great blog will thought out beautiful pictures…thank you for sharing and for the time it took you to put it all together…..I appreciate you…..thank you for all the great ideas….have a wonderful Thanksgiving….

  3. Lory I really enjoyed reading this and you’ve selected some beautiful entertaining pieces. I’m obsessed with the cheetah plates and how you’ve mixed patterns! Beautiful!

  4. I love your beautiful inspiration for Thanksgiving! Fabulous shopping guide Lory, I loved seeing the vintage pieces!!!

  5. Lory, youve done an exceptional job creating such a unique and charming Thanksgiving decorating guide! I couldnt just just one; theyre all a favorite!!

  6. Such great ideas Lory! Thanks for the reminder about eBay – there are so many wonderful things to find on there. I’ll have to look in the backs of my cupboards too and see if I have anything fun I’ve forgotten about! 🙂

  7. Wonderful post Lori, love your home and all the great ideas. I also am a lover of vintage silver pieces, I have many but always looking for more beautiful pieces. The shopping guides are fantastic, thanks so much for always providing us with beautiful ideas.

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