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  1. Absolutely beautiful! What a huge transformation … everything looks so fresh! We have the same style and I like you knew that once I found the easy European style it was what made my heart happy. I encourage you to tackle painting your cabinet.. I’ve painted several pieces with chalk paint and it’s easy and makes a huge difference…
    Love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Sharon! I know I will get to the cabinet. I usually procrastinate for a while with things like this and then one day just get up and decide to take it on! 😉 Hopefully soon!!

    2. I agree, chalk paint your large cabinet! Charcoal out various ideas, colors on Pinterest

  2. This is a great post. I love that you reused the furniture to get such a different feel. Furniture shouldn’t be disposable.
    At the same time, it’s quite normal that tastes change over time–not just what’s trending but also based on our age. Changing slipcovers, drapes and paint is easy and reversible. Maybe some years down the road, the monochromatic look that is so zen and restful now (and believe me, my own house is all white slipcovers) will feel plain and blah and we’ll be integrating wild colors and designs. And that’s OK too, especially if we keep the same furniture!

  3. All flows together very well. I love it all. Where did you find the lovely crown?
    ~Larisa AKA The Elegant Home

  4. Carol Heartfelt Whimsies says:

    Oh my—-what a fabulous transformation!! Just stunning!

  5. Absolutely stunning! Love your mix of old world and french country. I too would love to see your dark cabinet chalk painted, maybe a linen color or pull that lovely color out of the panel at the top of your mirror? I always look forward to your posts, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us.

    1. Thank you, Nancy! Yes, I really need to get to that cabinet and I think your color suggestions are great. I need to start reading tutorials and then just dive in! 🙂

  6. Lori I love the way the dining room is coming along. I too have been moving away from too much pattern and letting my eyes have a rest. Instead I am enjoying all of your accessories and beautiful pieces that can really shine now that the red is gone. Oh and that rug is fantastic!!

  7. I absolutely love the understated elegance you’ve achieved in your dining room transformation. I’m pinning this for when we move into the new home that we have in the planning stages. We’re just waiting for the right lot to come along to build on.

  8. What a beautiful room. The changes you made are inspiring. I love the rug and the curtains, those two alone have made such a difference. Vry tasteful

  9. It’s amazing how you are able to do this dining room transformation without getting new furniture! It’s such a pretty and stylish space. Stopping by from the #HomeMattersParty linky.

  10. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says:

    Your dining room is stunning. The subtle changes make such a difference. I love the neutral elegant look.

  11. I love the changes you have made. You have so many precious item in your dining room and now they can shine. Your chandelier with the black candle sticks is eye catching, as is the crown, angel statue, gorgeous mirror and chandelier turned table lamp. I love it all!

      1. I thought I saw the name for the antique chandelier sitting on your cabinet in the dining room but can’t seem to find it. I thought someone had turned a hanging chandelier into a table top lamp but obviously I was wrong. What is that beautiful light called?

  12. Pamela Milligan says:

    Absolutely lovely!! You gave me some wonderful ideas, as I too have been working on my dining area.

  13. Who would have thought taking the color out of a room would have transformed it so much! Don’t get me wrong I like color but the change is so much more elegant, sophisticated and that old world charm without being over the top! Beautifully done!

    I am still working on our new home, but it’s been only a few months! I continue to learn so much from your posts, thank you!

    1. Thank you, Vicki! I feel very much the same. I really love color, but lately I much prefer neutral rooms that I can then add color in with flowers and accents. It’s an easy way to decorate… 🙂

  14. I absolutely love the rug you chose and have been looking for one for our dining room. When I clicked the link it took me to Overstocked.com and Ann 8×10. Is this the same rug and size as yours? I have dark wood furniture with creamy yellow walls with hints of blue throughout and think this would be perfect.

    1. Thank you Lana! Yes, that is the correct rug and it is 8×10. So often these links change, but in this case, it is in fact the right link… 🙂

  15. I think it takes a few years living in a house before the right design choices become apparent. It is hard when you come from a house that you finally had “just right” and add in that you’ve downsized to a home with a totally different vibe. I made the mistake of thinking that I had to abandon my more formal taste now that we are here at the lake. Instead I’m now incorporating my love of country French into my home. I imagine the huge stone fireplace as the front of a French country manor. I’ve stepped away from the more modern grays and reverted to my love of blue. I’ve stopped worrying about what anyone else will think about my decorating style and started to only care about whether or not my husband and I like it. I nearly threw out all my china. I would have been so sorry.

    I am so thankful that I found these blogs last fall. I’ve been enjoying my home and decorating it ever since. My only different point of view is the “decorating over time” which is a very popular concept. For me at this age, it’s Decorate and Get What You Want Now before it’s too late. All that saving for retirement all those years. My husband wants to know what we are saving it for now? So, on to Paris this week and new boat being delivered the following week. Packing light to save room for bringing back all those bits of France!

    1. Margo, I couldn’t agree more! I think it’s great that you are doing what you want because you’re the one who lives there. Also, so funny you mentioned not doing the ‘decorating over time’ thing because I was just thinking about that yesterday! I’ve been cleaning out photos from my parents’ home (more on that coming soon) and was thinking, I just want my house done and to start spending my time *living in it*. Yes, I will always update, but I don’t want any rooms that look like they’re waiting for something. Great comment!

  16. Hi Lory,
    Let me first compliment on your beautiful name! We named our daughter Lori.
    Your dining room is absolutely gorgeous!
    The washed curtains and the drug really made a difference in the room. I love your choice in colors.
    I know you menlined painting the brown cabinet; however, I love the cabinet. The color is a nice pop in the room & it’s elegance stands out “look at me!”. I also love the antique looking crown on top of the cabinet & the candles on the floor. This is an amazing & elegant transformation.

  17. Where did you buy your dining chairs slipcovers?

    1. My side chairs are from Ballard, so that’s where I got the chair covers too. Not terribly expensive either… 🙂

  18. As always BEAUTIFUL, where did you get the large crown?

  19. Lovely transformation!!! I love how the rug “grounds” the space. I live in an apartment and am unable to put up a chandelier so I’m working around it and trying not to look up, haha. I just polished all my silver trophy cups, spoons, candlesticks, etc. The patina was taking over too much. I have so many treasures that my next step is to “edit” some of the items and rotate them seasonally. I love your post.

    1. Thank you so much, Eileen! You can maybe try crystal floor lamps to bring that element of glam in without using a chandy. I, too, do polish my silver. I just try to leave some dark bits in the recesses when i do… 🙂

  20. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    You have such a lovely style! I came across a sweet gold crown at a thrift shop and just wanted to squeal! It needs painting to make it look old so I will have fun with that project. Your dining room is so beautiful and a perfect place for your wonderful tablescapes! I am slowly getting my house to the French European country style and you have been such an inspiration. I appreciate all your posts. Stay safe!

  21. It’s quite lovely, but I like the before better.

  22. Charlene Alvarez says:

    Love the mirror! Where did you find it?

  23. Great post! I especially like the new drapes. The dated swags as well as the pattern of the old ones did not do the space justice. I’m glad you didn’t touch the Trumeau mirror. It’s so beautiful. I’m obsessed with them! What color are you thinking of painting the walls? I’m assuming it will be a white, but there are SO many of them. I’ve been in color-choosing hell in my office for way too long. I’ve bought so many sample pots and Samplize cards, it’s embarrassing.

    1. The walls are now Tapestry Beige, a pale greige, although I’m still considering a white for the future. Maybe SW Alabaster?

      1. That’s a good color. Try samples first, though. I have found that in my south-facing office, many of the popular whites look yellow-y.

  24. This has been my most favorite of all your blogs, and you taught me so much by posting it! Your original room was lovely, no doubt about it. But the new, transformed room showed me how our styles can be “refined” as we ourselves change with time or with a new accessory that we love. This seems to be true with our homes or with our clothing. It keeps us from being boring. I will look forward to seeing other projects that you do. Thank you soooo much!

  25. I don’t see the rug under your dining table listed. Can you tell me where you got that from?
    Thank. you!

  26. Gate leg antique table in dining rm. Hate it. No one eats there.

    I have a small corner desk, some chairs nice antique roll type desk/dresser.

    What can I do with this room? Do Not really want it as dining area.

  27. I find your blog so interesting. I have many more items in my little apartment, but certainly am enchanted with some of your simple, but significant changes. It’s helping me pare down, but also move items which gives everything a totally different and fresh look. I love French country, so enjoy your blog so much. Thanks.