1. Cate Quinn says:

    I loved your advice about planting a clematis, it took me back to 1986, we’d recently moved house and had a new garage built. I’d planted a clematis to grown up the side of the garage, so we’d have a pretty view from our patio. Unfortunately my husband managed to severe the plant just above the roots, boy was he in the doghouse for a few hours. We eventually got some beautiful climbing roses to grow. They were the things I missed the most when we moved again a few years later.

  2. Cate Quinn says:

    Yvonne I’m so happy you have fond memories of Scotland, though will all the recent changes in Edinburgh city centre I’m not sure you’d recognise some areas and not all changes are for the better. My husband used to take the United Airlines crews from Edinburgh airport into the city to their hotels, and they all loved their trips. He took a group of ladies up to St Andrews, then to visit the Crail pottery, which was a new place for him, even though we’ve been visitors to Crail many times we’d never come across this fabulous little family pottery. Take care all you lovely ladies you keep me going can’t wait until I can travel to the USA

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