1. As always, a great job with texture and such an upscale inviting appeal. I especially love those pillows with the beading and off to check your source! xo

  2. Good morning! Last year I switched all the sheets in three bedrooms to white. It makes life easier! Only 1 room is white; the other two have lots of color. White sheets are practical and neutral. They look great on the beds with our colorful quilts and pure white comforter. I highly recommend white sheets. Ours are Fieldcrest from Target. (not an affiliate; just love our sheets!) I made the trade over time and waited for sales.

  3. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    You have such a talent for making a bed look like it’s fit for a Queen! I love the textures and everything from beads to bumps! Pillows are so easy to make and can add a tremendous statement to a bed.

  4. Those accent pillows…..stunning! I love white bedding too! Layered quilts in the summer feel crisp and cool. A thick comforter covered by a pretty white duvet cover feels like a bit of snowy bliss in the winter.

  5. Only you could make all white so inviting and beautiful! All the fabrics and textures are lovely!

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