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  1. This piece is totally amazing. I love how it is painted. Great job.

    1. Omg Marty, I didn’t know if you remembered who I was, let alone read my blog, but since you’re here, can I please take a moment to send out virtual hugs to you because I heard what happened and my heart goes out to you! ❤️ How lovely of you to be so kind with your comments, as well. Thank you so much!

  2. I have the same clock and have been thinking about painting it! Thanks for the inspiration. It looks beautiful. A while back, I saw the same clock painted a uniform white, and that looked good, too. It’s nice to have options!

  3. Kathryn Hay says:

    Oh dear! pile on another project for this new year! I absolutely cannot live without that darling clock for my entry renovation! You always have the best ideas for upgrading my 80’s condo. Love your blog. You are adorable!

  4. The clock is beautiful! Loved the fact you went in straight lines instead if every which way I think it looks like a pro did it! Congrats can’t wait for more of your talent!

  5. Love the clock re-do!

  6. Janie Browning says:

    I was avoiding a painting project this morning by reading my emails. Now I am encouraged, inspired, and (sort of) motivated. Well done.

  7. Lynn Burnett says:

    The clock is beautiful. I’m not so sure that I would be brave enough to tackle a project such as this.

  8. Linda Buchanan says:

    Great job on the clock. I don’t think I would ever be brave enough to tackle such a big project.

  9. This clock is beautiful. Now, the hunt begins. I like your advice concerning not liking the results. It gives me the courage to try.

  10. Jill Scott says:

    this is beautiful!!!!

  11. Such a dreamy, soft finish.

  12. Virginia Chaltry says:

    Chalk paint is awesome! Love how the clock turned out!

  13. Absolutely love that clock!


    I like reading your blog. I learn so much.

  15. Love the clock. My great-grandfather immigrated from Sweden. Maybe that’s why I’m always drawn to Mora clocks!

  16. Terri Herman says:

    Now that looks lovely! It’s nice making something your own. I have an old dresser that needs a little something. This may be it. Thanks!

  17. I have also finished many pieces of furniture and I already have something in mind for my next project, thank you so much for sharing!

  18. Very pretty. I have always wanted an antique grandfather clock.

  19. D. Ingram says:

    Beautiful job on the clock! I must confess I have not seen this style of clock before. I am now pondering just where a clock that it might work in my home.
    Really love all that you shared about the process of completing the project. I could relate in several areas.

    Now to find space for the clock!
    D Ingram

  20. So great to see the results of a budget friendly makeover

  21. That looks really nice!

  22. I am not painting anything at the moment—but always good to get advice on how to do it and what products to use. It looked very good!

  23. I loved watching your transformation on this clock! It turned out beautifully!!!

  24. Your patience paid off on this clock! It’s a classic for all time! (pun intended!)

  25. Tina Vore says:

    The modification of the Mora clock turned out beautifully! I like it much more than the original! Thanks for sharing your artistic endeavor!

  26. I love it!! Now I have my heart set on finding one of these… in a price that won’t break my budget. Love the new look you created with paint. Thanks for sharing!!

  27. Chalk paint gives such a great texture to things. Love this clock and the color of antique white shades gives it a rich quality. Fabulous!

  28. Love the clock – painting is great, too! We have a weakness for clocks, especially chiming ones.

  29. Nancy Johnson says:

    I love this clock!