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  1. Sarah Rideout says:

    what a great transformation. I have been looking at the same vanity and one from anthropology but have been afraid to spend the money on a guest bath that will see little use. if you don’t mind sharing, which other vanity did you look at that was more budget friendly, I have seen one at Home Depot but haven’t yet decided. love your blog and home!

      1. Hi thank you so much for this post! What color brass did you get for the sconce and towel/toilet paper holder? I can’t tell from the links and brass color is so tricky.

        1. You’re most welcome. It’s the tumbled brass. It’s a lovely color – not bright but not too antiqued, either.

  2. Fabulous, fantastic, glamorous is how I would describe this beautiful redesigned bathroom. I love everything you did here. I agree 100% that it’s best, if possible, to alway spurge on certain items when renovating. I know I’ve taken the cheaper route on certain changes I’ve made in our home, only to regret it. Soon going it the directions I should have gone in the first place. Lesson learned. Thanks for all the helpful tips.

  3. Love the whole room! I can’t find any listings for the links to the products used. Where should I be looking? thanks.

    1. Ugh, there seems to be a problem with the link widget. I’m working on it now. You can try refreshing the page – they are there and they come up on my end – but I think it’s a caching issue. My tech guy is on it now. So sorry for the inconvenience!

      1. Thanks so much! They are visible to me now and I love checking out so many of your choices. The print caught my eye and your hardware as well. Did not see the filigree glass…is that available or something you had. It was a beautifully done remodel.

        1. Thanks so much! Do you mean the little crystal vase that the flowers are in? That’s linked in the resource section. If not that, can you give more info on what you are looking for?

  4. Just gorgeous! I’ve been looking for just the right artwork for my bathroom. The French Provencal Soap photo is beautiful. I visited the shop. Would you mind sharing what size you purchased so I have a reference to go by. Thank you Lori!

    1. Thank you!! And yes, sure. Believe it or not I got the 8 x 10. I expected to need the 11 x 14, but since the frame has a mat, it turned out the smaller size was perfect.

  5. Karla bostic says:

    Can you specify the paint color?

  6. It’s beautiful. I love everything you chose, except for one thing. Personally, I don’t like the feeling of a shower curtain touching me in the shower! I would put in a shower door, or a stationary partial piece of glass. My favorite element is the cabinet. I may have to splurge on the same one.

  7. Is there are ceiling light in this bathroom (other than in the tub area)? If so, what did you use there for a fixture?

    1. The two lights are the triple sconce over the sink and the overhead over the tub. Those are enough for the small size of the bath.

      1. Thank you! Hope to do something similar in my small bathroom this year.