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  1. I unfortunately can’t share your enthusiasm for the decor at the Jersey Shore hotel. Please don’t veer too far from your own personal taste in decorating. It’s lovely.

    1. Ha ha… well, you should see the rest of the Jersey Shore… 😉 In any case, thanks for the kind words about my own style!

  2. What fun! I have heard of that place but since we stay with family when we go to the shore, I am not normally looking for hotels. I am glad to see there is a stylish option along the Jersey Shore though! Boutique hotels are always my favorite. Someday I will make it to that one in Positano… Enjoy your week, Lory!

    1. Thanks, Shelley! I also heard of another one in Asbury Park that just opened, called the Asbury Hotel. Will have to check that one out next… 😉

  3. I love finding the unexpected, and that is just what you did on the Jersey Shore! Nice pics.