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  1. Lovely as ever. My one tip is my Christmas journal. I have a small notebook that I started in 2010 that I use year after year to make my Christmas shopping lists, my to do lists, jot down all sorts of things. I keep record of how many pounds of prime rib I used for how many people and once the holiday is over, I sit down and write a small summary of what worked and what didn’t. This is where I write my notes for the coming year so I won’t forget those great ideas! There are some quickie recipes that have never made their way to my collection of cookbooks. When I was working I would even plan outfits for work making note of certain functions. It’s about a 4×6 soft cover that has an elastic to hold it in place. This year, I had to break out a new one because it is just about full. Small and not too heavy for my purse, it has become one of my Christmas season pleasures. It may be old fashioned, but I enjoy beautiful paper and pads and have always loved writing so it’s a welcome relief from all the technology we face each day. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, it can be your Holiday season journal.

  2. Looks gorgeous! And you’re right, so often we buy bits and pieces to make something more cost effective and at the end of the project it’s about the same. Thanks for your constant inspiration!

  3. Hi Lory,
    Everything is just beautiful. How long is your mantle, and how many garlands did you use? How much does it hang off the ends?

    1. Thank you!! I used one 7′ garland and some faux greens at the other end as I mentioned in the post. It hangs off about 12-18″. My mantel is 72″ wide.

  4. Just beautiful!! Perfect for a mantle or even a tablescape.

  5. Absolutely stunning ?

  6. Teddee E Grace says:

    Looks great. I think you achieved your goal!

  7. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Lory, your garland for your mantel is just beautiful! I have never seen such a nice “faux” garland. I love how you have decorated the top of your mantel, too! Everything is just perfect! You don’t have to make any changes!

    I am going to order one of these faux garlands for our mantel for next Christmas.

    Now you can just relax and enjoy your gorgeous mantel! You have definitely achieved your goal.

  8. Maxine Hamann says:

    I give it a 10!!!!!! The right move to buy it ready made.
    Always enjoy your posts!!

  9. Your Christmas decor is lovely, beautiful and serene. I think your mantel garland hits it on the spot. My only tiny suggestion for the mantel garland would be to extend the ends longer to drape further down the sides, to look more anchored rather than “placed.” But it is not a major deal. Just a small suggestion.
    I like the small tree in the corner Perfect spot for it.

  10. Constance says:

    Your mantle turned out absolutely beautifully! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I especially like the thought of the command hooks, I was trying to decide how I would fasten mine to my mantle. Problem solved!Thank you so very much

  11. Oh that’s beautiful Lory! I love how you tied the ribbon at the end to hide the join in the greenery. All your research paid off – I think this is a perfect balance! Thanks for another round of beautiful inspiration!