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  1. Gorgeous as always Lory. Love the tiered rack for your teacups. The mantel looks fabulous! A beautiful spot for two to enjoy a lovely tea.

  2. Wow Lory this is a classic table of elegance and beauty.I don’t care for the color of gold or gold in any form but you paired it so perfectly with the softness in the pinks.I think this is so beautiful but I still like the chippy one.You have such a gift for beauty and style.As a Breast Cancer survivor this year I celebrate in four days my 7th anniversary and thank you and every one else out there in this world for honoring all of us who has suffered through this disease. it touches every woman in some way or form.Susie

    1. First, so happy to see that survivor word in there… 🙂 Sorry you had to go through it at all. Thanks about the table. Yeah, Versace is not for everyone, but I wanted to try to get a little different spin on the pink and go designer with this one. I actually am a gold fan, but particularly with pale blush, so I’m glad you feel it worked. I too prefer the chippy, though… 😉

  3. Everything looks so beautiful Lory! I love those pillows in the chairs.

  4. The Ralph Lauren glassware is stunning! It is all incredibly elegant! Here’s to always having extra wine on your mantel!!

  5. This is such fabulous china! I love the combination of pink and gold, it is so unusual.
    Those little salt cellars are so unusual too! Another wonderful pink for Breast Cancer Awareness!

  6. Oh this tablescape is absolutely GORGEOUS!

    I would absolutely adore having tea in that beautiful pink beauty!


  7. Your photo are so stunning! I absolutely love this elegant style!

  8. Wow. I am drooling over here. This is one of the most elegant and feminine tea settings I have ever seen. I love all the attention to detail. Simply stunning.


  9. So pretty Lory!! Love your mix of colors- that pink and gold… sigh!! Beautiful! Thank you for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

    1. Thank you so much Courtney! I have to admit, I’m chuffed to hear that from you, given how much I respect and enjoy your taste level… 🙂

  10. Stunning ideas! I love all that pink table for tea, the china and those pillows!. Gorgeous RL glassware and I love everything from RL.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. I just pinned too!


  12. Completely lovely! I love pink depression glass. The blush pink is so beautiful with gold!

  13. Can’t help but confess that back in the day I had fallen in love with a set of dishes with a cobalt blue and gold rim. Can’t remember the name of the pattern but the price tag was about $160.00. I saved up for quite a while and finally went to buy my set of dishes. The sales lady then burst my bubble telling me that the cost was for one place setting. I laugh now to think of how foolish I must have seemed. I never did get an expensive set of china and made do with a set (made in China). It is lovely though and I just unpacked it after moving here 3 years ago. Sadly I do not have anywhere to display it here, but it holds many memories of family meals. Its pattern is pink and gold on a white background with the smallest touch of blue and has always made a beautiful table.
    It is refreshing to see that there are still women today that enjoy fine China and the art of setting a nice table.

    1. I laughed at your story because I can completely understand that mistake. I wrote a post once about how I fell down the stairs holding a set of china, breaking most of it, and that freed me to start collecting mismatched china. If I can find the post I will come back and link it here. There’s no reason why inexpensive china can’t be beautiful too. But sometimes it is lovely to splurge, even if just a little… 😉 I hope you do use that lovely set from time to time!

  14. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Your tea table looks like a Prince and Princess should be joining you for High tea. I never thought out of the box to only buy a couple of pieces of china. I saw my dream china in Germany and still long to have it. If I had thought about getting a few pieces I could be enjoying it today. Medusa Gala is my favorite in the world. Every little detail of your table is lovely and romantic. Have a great day! XOXO

    1. Thank you so much!! And that’s funny, because there’s a teacup in a shop in Germany that still haunts me to this day. About 20 years ago I saw it and it was about $150-200. It was insane for one teacup, but if I knew I would still be thinking about it all these years later, I would have realized that instead of spending that money on designer jeans or something similar that would’ve worn out long ago, I could’ve bought the ridiculously expensive teacup and still derived joy from it 20 years later. What’s expensive for a teacup is not expensive in the overall scheme of things. This is what I mean when I talk about little luxuries… 🙂

  15. This whole scene is gorgeous! Love that place setting in it’s pink and gold glory. Another idea for making dream china more affordable… Instead of going for the entire place setting – buy just two dinner plates and two salad plates, then mix them with a complementary pattern that is more affordable. You end up with a table for four, and everyone has a bit of the luxury china in their place setting. I was able to find two dinner plates and three salad plates one time on deep discount at HomeGoods. I mixed it with my plainer china for Easter and it was beautiful and fun.

  16. You can also buy fine china secondhand. I hear many ladies saying their children don’t want their China or crystal, and found that to be the case with my own girls. I inherited two sets of bone china from English relatives that was produced during the war years and given as wedding presents. I donated them to a Heritage Home that will sell them to raise money for upkeep. I often see beautiful china sets in our local thrift store, as well.
    I love the pattern and colour of your china. The soft pink makes for such a beautiful, feminine table. And,
    I have to say the miniature bird bath is darling.