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  1. Hi Lory — I, too, dislike the look of the air vents, particularly when they interfere with a beautifully decorated area. We purchased reproduction antique wrought iron vents, which, although still in plain sight, are pretty to look at. White ones would look very pretty behind your bookcase and gilded mirror. We spray painted the vent pipes inside black so nothing shows behind the vent cover. Signature Hardware has many beautiful, affordable choices. Your home is absolutely beautiful and inviting.

    1. Thanks, Gail! I was actually thinking of doing just that. Although in white, it’s still so obvious. Maybe the wall paint color? We’re actually in the process of painting most of the downstairs, including this entryway.

      1. The wall paint color would look really pretty. I love unexpected, custom architectural details.

  2. Hi, I love your design sensibility. Just a few quick questions about the rug. Is it thin and could it be a tripping hazard? Does it slip around on the tile floor? I need a knee replacement so I am a bit clumsy now. But I also really need a new rug. What type of rug from E SaleRugs would you suggest? I have purchase and returned two online rugs from other sources because I couldn’t get the wrinkles out and they were very thin. Thank you for your time and consideration. I would love a rug that it practical AND beautiful.

    1. Hi Nancy! Yes, it is pretty thin, which I think makes it less of a tripping hazard. No, it doesn’t slip around on my floor, but you can always get a rug pad which would ensure no slippage. I’ll be posting a second rug in a few weeks which is a bit thicker if that’s more your taste, also from eSale. They’re both very pretty and I think reasonably priced, but if you prefer thicker, this one might be too thin for you. It really is a lovely rug, though… 🙂

  3. Nancy Walden says:

    Very pretty rug! My entryway is smaller–about 4′ x 10′–and has a lowered ceiling. When we moved into the house, the entry was tile and the living room and dining room were carpeted. The living room is off to the left when you enter. Between the pony wall and the 5′ entry, you can see most of the living room when you step into the house. The dining room is straight ahead. First change was to pull up the dining room carpet and tile the entry, dining room and kitchen. I also took down the louvered doors that separated the entry and dining room and changed the living room carpet to a coordinating color. About 5 years ago I was able to pull up the living room carpet and all that tile and put in engineered hardwood floors. I love the look! I changed out the entry rug shortly after I put in the wood flooring and have since added an antique-style dining room rug. Thanks for recommending a new source for rugs! I really want one for my living room but the room is large and buying a 9 x 12 rug can get really expensive.

    1. It sounds like you did the perfect job with your floors. I would consider hardwood for my entry too, although I really want marble. Time will tell… 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    Beautiful rug! Elegant and classy, which is so you.

  5. Do not give up on the idea of a marble floor for the entry/foyer area! A lovely white marble is surprisingly easy to maintain. Please do not go the old black and white look……it always reminds me of a hospital floor!! Plus, to me a white marble floor would be the perfect element to enhance the gorgeous wood chest and beautiful mirror with the elegant crystal and silver pieces you have on the chest. So beautifully decorated!!! Love what you do…..I love the look of crystal, silver and the china patterns throughout your home. So very elegant and tasteful!

    1. I’ll never give up on white marble! I’m so with you on that one. I never worry about maintenance. It’s the price that’s delaying things… 😉 And yeah, I’m not a black and white check girl. Some day I will have a white marble floor.

      1. Kim Morrison says:

        I have white marble floors they are so hard to clean! I love this look but not sure if I should put a rug when you walk into my house cause there is also another rug to the right in the living room as well🤷‍♀️. Such a hard decision help!

        1. I think it’s important to have some kind of rug or mat at the entry, no matter what kind of floor you have. I have a 4 x 6 rug there, since we have a large entry, so it’s sort of like a large mat, but it’s in fact a rug. It’s a pretty light and neutral color, so it doesn’t fight with the rug we have in the living room that’s right next to it, nor the office which is on the other side. I think the key is to have them blend.

  6. The new rug is a perfect first impression of your beautiful townhome Lory!

  7. Hi Lory,
    Your foyer is beautiful! I’m especially interested to see if you know anything about the gorgeous antique bookcase, as we have its “twin”. Mine was in my grandfather’s office, but I’m curious about its origins.

    1. Oh wow, how funny that is! I bought it at an antique shop in Lambertville, NJ. I think he say it was English, but I really have to find the notes on it to be sure. I try to keep that info, although I’m not sure where… lol. Thanks for the kind words, too!!

  8. Hi Lori, I love what you have done to your entryway! The rug looks superb. I hear ya about the flooring. We have at least 1k sq ft in the foyer and it’s all marble! I want to get rid of it! It is a very formal look and I want something a bit more subdued. Hey, in the meantime, have you thought about painting your foyer tiles? It would be a nice refresh until you can permanently change it out. Good Luck!

    1. First, thank you for the kind words!! Second, I wish I had your marble! Lol. Isn’t that funny? And finally, that’s an awesome idea! I did think about maybe putting something over the tiles, like a concrete layer or something but I’d really have to research it. Paint could be an option, but that might be too casual for my formal entry. For now, I’m happy with it somewhat covered… 😉

  9. Lucy Beliveau says:

    Good Morning, Lory!

    Your blog is so refreshing! I’ve only been with you for several weeks but I so admire your writing style and your decorating skills! Your foyer story and pictures are proof of my testimony!

    The rug, of course, is perfect! It’s so classy and romantic, as are the French! The furniture you have selected for your foyer is warm and welcoming making your guests feel special. In as much as all of your decorative pieces are beautiful, I am particularly taken with the silver tea set displaying the lovely, white roses! I love everything about books and yours, which are turned around in your bookcase, don’t bother me one bit! I find them quite mysterious and fitting for the season!

    Thank you for the fun I had this morning before I start my busy day! Take care of you and enjoy your lovely home!

  10. The entry is lovely with the rug. Good choice. You might paint the vents in the entire home the same color as the walls to make them less visible; that trick seems to work well for me. I, too, envision a beautiful, gleaming white marble floor!!! All in good time.

  11. When we built our home we put the vent in the ceiling it doesn’t stand out at all,I never notice it…
    Guess it’s to late for you to do that…
    Love the rug…

  12. Hi Love your taste which is very similar to mine. Could you provide the name/sku number of rugs. When I click on the link it takes me to the site but I don’t think it is the same rug.

  13. Hi…I would like your suggestions. I have a formal foyer but it is also the main entryway. I have a round oriental rug but need some kind of an inside doormat for the inclement weather. I haven’t been able to find a good match as all the good entryway mats are very rugged and tough. Suggestions?

    1. Hi Tania, Without seeing your entry or the rug that’s already there, I will take a stab at your question anyway. Before I had a large rug in our entry, I used a small 2 x 3″ oriental rug as my doormat. It had a dark base, so I didn’t worry about it being ruined by the elements. I would probably try something like that. This way it’s similar in character to your oriental rug but serves the function of your needs.