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  1. As a former eBay Power Seller I know what a great place this is to shop! You did a great job with this informative post Lory.

  2. Love all of these ideas. Loving that teacup in the first picture too 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have all of the above with the exception of sterling silver. What I do have is my mother’s silverplate set she got during her engagement back in 1940. The set sat in the chest it came in while I grew up, my mother hated the upkeep. In the 80’s I borrowed it when we had my husband’s boss and his wife for dinner. I started weeks in advance, polishing a few pieces a night until I had enough for my dinner party. The set went from black to gleaming. After that I brought those pieces back and forth for years for the holidays and kept the set polished. Finally one day my mother told me to take it home and keep it. She said I took far better care of it than she ever did. I still use it but am careful as one of the forks has a bit of a brass spot showing through from so much polishing through the years. The set is one of many things I treasure from my mom.

  4. Diane Corsaro says:

    thanks for all the wonderful ideas of where to shop, I have used your site several times to buy silver things for my bathroom. Your site is a delight I get so many ideas from it. Thanks for posting this.

  5. Very informative as to where to purchase items. Lots of hard work on your part so THANKS!!!

  6. I love the shopping guides! eBay is the first place I go when I’m looking for something vintage and you totally did all the looking for me. Thank you!

  7. Sheri Lyle says:

    Love all things French country I have discovered! Thank you for the information and shopping links.

  8. These are all things that I either have or are searching for more. Can’t have just one of anything, right??? I am still looking for a Large leaning mirror…either too short or too expensive. Oh, well, the joy of the hunt!!

    1. The crowns are usually vintage or artisan one of a kind, so it’s sort of hit or miss. They also vary greatly in size and price. If you want something for the table to put on a stack of books you’d go larger or to adorn a statue it would like be a smaller size. Etsy is a good place to look, but there are other options, as well. Here are some available now, but it changes all the time:


      Or here’s a more general search page: https://rstyle.me/+zNUssSQDlijmqUzVehZNJg

      Hope that helps!

  9. We have lost several local antiques shops and I worry about the ones that are left since people are just not “window shopping” during the pandemic. Thanks for sharing your sources

  10. I have absolutely Everything on your list….maybe a little Too much of everything, but I love it all. I have a crown collection, statues, copper, candlesticks, a wall of mirrors, everything. I am constantly finding treasures at estate sales, thrift shops. I am now downsizing and will be selling either at a garage sale or etsy. What you didn’t include was lace or cloth napkins, both a passion of mine. I just loved this article. I know it’s a ton of work and I appreciate the effort.