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  1. I loved the ceiling in the bedroom & the sconces on the wall thank you for that idea

  2. Teddee Grace says:

    All fun and interesting. I’d have to do a lot of work on that chateau! I wonder what their heating bill is?

  3. Denise collova says:

    Do u have any county ideas, the Fre7nch is nice, but I like down home county. But I appreciate all your help its been a nice experience looking forward for some more. Thank you

    1. I think if you take the same approach by lighting up but leave out the crystal and gilding, it will update your look with a more relaxed country feel. Think washed linen in light colors, light woods and chippy paint and patina, plus lots of organic bits in wood and rattan. The main thing is to use a lighter hand than you might have in the past – lighter colors, lots of neutrals (you can always use pop accent colors) and way fewer decorative accessories. One bold planter or vase instead of a collection of items that don’t relate. Hope that helps!

      1. Denise Collova says:

        Hey Lori, could you tell me what chippy paint is ? Because I used to refinish furniture to light colors & crackly paint never heard of chippy paint thanks

  4. Hey Lori, that was very good lol, I used to refinish furniture that’s the first time I every heard that term I just call it crackle that’s fun, I love the remodeled kitchen it came so Elegance , I’m going to try that chalk paint,I have a piece of furniture in my garage. I’ll let you know how it turns OK thanks

  5. Denise collova says:

    Yeah lori, you’ll be the first to know. thanks