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  1. What a lovely evolution! Beautiful tablesetting, and I love your dining table. The juxtaposition of that warm wood against all the neutrals makes them all sing. You have a truly lovely home. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s very beautiful. While your new drapes are simpler and less formal than the old ones, the switch to a restrained color palette and the simple white covers on the chairs, rather than the checks, makes the room both more classic and more modern at the same time.

  3. Nancy Pharr says:

    That’s biffet and mirror though! ? I say it should be capitalized. Because it’s part of the name. I have a question jay had been bugging me. Maybe you could even do a blog on the answer. What is the difference between French Country and Country French?

    1. Haha! I don’t think there’s any difference between French Country and Country French… 😉 The thing is, farmhouse isn’t capitalized, so why would french country be? Except that French should be capitalized. And then it feels weird to not capitalize country.

  4. Candice Shea says:

    Yes, French Country should be in caps.

  5. Yes, I think it should be capped, Country, because you are using it in a descriptive title.

  6. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    Your beautiful dining room has moved from classy to CLASSY..and yes, all 3 words in caps.

  7. I love the evolution! The soft whites help create such an elegant space. Nice look and post!

  8. Cathy Tally says:

    Retired English teacher (me) says yes you capitalize both because it is a name. I love the updates!?

  9. I think I would capitalize the “c” in Country. Your rooms are beautiful.

  10. LOVE your dining room so much now Lory – it’s perfect! And no, “country” should not be capitalized but “French” should! (I love that you care about that;)


  11. Hi Lory! Love the transformation of your living room… sigh! I can’t help you with the French Country dilemna as I think the same thing whenever I am writing, too. Glad that someone above said it should be capitalized!! I’ll go with that answer. 🙂

    Happy redecorating ~ love the new look,
    Barb 🙂

  12. Room color is divine. Caps.

  13. BTW, which paint company? And I am noticing chair rails at 4’. We are installing some and I was wondering what you thought about it. Thanks!

    1. The paint company is Benjamin Moore. The chair rails were there when we moved in. I’m fine with them, but I do love more interesting moulding like board and batten. Thinking of that for a smaller room.

  14. Donna Milazzo says:

    Seems like a consensus already, but all the first letters should be caps. You’d never see Shabby chic, right?? Everything is so pretty! Did you show the old rug? Looks like the same rug on all the pictures I see. Thinking about replacing mine too. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks, Donna! The old rug is in this post: https://designthusiasm.com/transformed-dining-room/ But I haven’t shown yet where I moved it to… 😉 As for caps, I’m still not sure. It does feel like it should be capitalized, and I can accept the explanation that it’s a title, but then why isn’t farmhouse capitalized? As for Shabby Chic, that’s the name of a company so it’s capitalized, but when referring to the style, it’s actually not always capitalized. You see ‘shabby chic’ all the time, much like farmhouse. With French Country, the complication comes in because French needs to be capitalized.

  15. Sue Scully says:

    Beautiful rooms and love your butlers pantry. I have room for one if I redo the old closet. It should be French Country.

  16. What company makes the cane back chair at the head of the dining room table?

  17. A simpler tone and it looks lovely Lory. This will last many years and you can give it a boost of color anytime you want by adding things to that wonderful big dough bowl or changing the chair covers…love it!

  18. Your careful thought shows all through your home. I love the niche when the blog opens, but I can’t pin it. Is it yours ?

    1. Thank you kindly!! Do you mean the header on the home page? Or an image in that post? Either way they are mine if from either of those two places.