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  1. Always exquisite settings and vignettes in your home, Lory. I have never seen fringed tulips. Those are so pretty!

    1. Thanks, Kim!! I should have bought them the day before, because when they opened they were even prettier… 🙂 Hope you are feeling better!!

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel! We’re lucky this time we had no only French design to work with, but the benefit of spring… 😉 Delighted to be posting with you!!

  2. This is breathtaking beautiful, I adore these fringed tulips and the dreamy light flowing through your windows is magical!!

    1. Thank you, Jemma! I would certainly prefer to see the trees in bloom outside, but for now, the light and the tulips are just fine… 😉 Thanks for visiting!!

  3. bobbi duncan says:

    Outstanding vignette, Lory! Love the freeform with more elements of varying heights– looks far more interesting than just one focal point, especially with the ones you’ve chosen. Tulips and peonies are my most favorite flowers, and that beautiful clock….oh my!

    1. Thanks, Bobbi! I think now that I have most of the furniture in my home (at least the first round… ;-)), I’m more freed up to find small less expensive pieces that I really love. This is the most fun for me… 🙂

      Btw, there are no insides to that clock, but I didn’t care!

  4. It’s just so beautiful here Lory, sorry I did not join in, but I am baxk on tract now! Been super busy with a job site developer.
    This is a beautiful setting to start out my weekend. You my dear give new beautiful meaning to the breadbox….it really inspires me with a French luncheon.

    Love your loosely placed tulips…hope there was angel food cake for a light dessert to go along with your table setting of angels ? 🙂

    See you soon dear.



    1. Thanks so much, Dore!! This is actually from a previous group series, so you didn’t miss it. Ours is coming up this week… 😉 Thanks for the lovely words. We are clearly inspired by the same things!! Hope your job site goes well… 🙂

  5. Stunning. An elegant and charming table to enjoy lunch. I love that exquisite cherub clock.

    Have a great weekend.


  6. Judy Riechmann says:

    Love the pictures in

  7. So beautiful!! Love the sandwiches in the silver box! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  8. I was a very country style in my previous home. I had to to give away all my furniture, decisions and lots of country things…why… Because all my life I was in love with French country… Now I moved to a 2/2 flat and I am learning to see what and how to deco with country French style. Tks for this free subscription! Trying to comply with my palest in blues and the Reds for my living room. I hope to send you a picture so you can see it if is right or wrong. Meanwhile, Tks ❤️?

    1. My pleasure and I’m so glad you are enjoying! 🙂 You can certainly do country French style in any place you live!!

  9. You’ve created a lovely setting for your table. The parrot tulips are gorgeous. I never see those when I go to purchase tulips. The limoges plates are lovely- such a pretty and delicate pattern.

  10. At age 69, I am finally figuring out what style I like– French country/cottage romantic/vintage. Nor primitive of MCM for sure! I just like too many things! Yardsaled a lot today and am pleased that most of it is for my booth or craft suppplies; it will all add to the clutter here for a short period!

    1. As long as you love the pieces and they’re not all out at once, it’s a delight to find these little treasures!!

  11. I too am always on the look out for a little vintage. I wish my neighbors had tag sales that had anything besides children’s clothes :0( Those tulips!! Oh my!

  12. Love the French country ideas. More please!

  13. I’ve had a cruet set on my flea market/thrift store look for list for ages but I have yet to come across one that was within my budget. 🙁

  14. I get so much inspiration from your tablescapes! I fell in love with the white orchid flatware and was fortunate enough to find a set of my own.

  15. I would have been running to my neighbors’ sale just to find that special treasure.

  16. Your home is so beautiful Lori. All the little extras add so much to a home. I love going to antique and flea markets. Unfortunately, there are not many in my area anymore but if I find one, I am there, like they say, the thrill is in the hunt!