1. This looks so pretty and organized! Unfortunately I have so much stuff lol. I’d need 3-4 of these closets!!!
    I love the acrylic drawers you used though. I am sure I can incorporate these as some storage solutions!!

    1. Thanks, Marion! I did weed out some things when I went through the closet… 😉 I also have all the larger things (trees, wreaths, garlands) in the garage. But my concept is to help people organize what they already have – which is currently housed somewhere – so I’m just recommending to organize those existing locations… 🙂 For me, it has helped make things easier to find.

  2. what company for those large clear drawer containers? did I miss something!?!? ah hahha they are just what i need!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!

  3. Teddee Grace says:

    Drawers, as opposed to plain containers, really are a time and stress saver. I have finally reached the point, and age, at which unstacking everything to get to the container that holds what I’m looking for, is getting annoying and, I suppose, will eventually be difficult to impossible. I wish I could afford the clear drawers. For now, anytime I see a good clean storage drawer, those white plastic ones with the translucent drawers available in most craft stores, in a thrift shop I purchase it. I’m always pleased with the result when I can replace a plain container with a pull-out drawer in my very large apartment storage closet. Thanks for continuing to address storage issues.

    1. I completely agree with you! I also agree they are pricey and I’ve just been collecting them over the years. In the meantime, the translucent ones work well too… 🙂

  4. I love what you’ve done with your closet. It is so well organized! Wish I had an extra closet but those clear bins can really be used anywhere. I also don’t see the link to order so thanks for reposting for Marion.

    1. Hmm… wonder if my source list is not showing up? I see it at my end. In any case, I’ve added the link within the post as well. Ugh… technology!

      And thanks for the kind words!! I agree they can be used anywhere and I do use these bins all over my house. They make it super easy to get at things, keep everything clean and it’s easy to see what’s inside.

      As for the closet, we’re empty nesters so I have some extra closets. Never thought I’d say that, but it’s true. I’m also a purger… 😉

  5. Teddee Grace says:

    This makes it seem almost like fun finding what you need! I wish I had an extra closet. I am trying something now, based on the short “fad” a couple years ago when people were wrapping their entire full-sized, fully decorated Christmas trees with Saran Wrap for off-season storage. I am wrapping all of my floral arrangements, once I’ve removed them from the containers, in Saran Wrap. They seem almost indestructible and it certainly compresses them so they take up much less space. I’m anxious to see what they look like next year when I unwrap them. The floral stems I like are very expensive so I hope this works as I’ve just been bagging them up to now and they take up so much space.

    1. Wow, that sure seems like a great idea! I do have friends who store their trees fully standing in those zip up “bags”, but I’ve never heard of anyone doing that with the tree still decorated. Could be brilliant and sounds very workable for your flower arrangements… 🙂

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