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  1. I would say the peonies are real….

    1. claudia bassano says:

      Did you mix in peonies? Live and faux?
      I know there are links but everything looks live

  2. Oh, Lory! Thank you for putting together a mini Macy’s spring flower show in your home. I adore every type of flower you so skillfully showed us how to use! Now if we could only make those gorgeous fresh flowers last! Thanks for including me in our Spring Styled + Set celebration of spring!

  3. Lory this is a post after my own heart for sure! You know how much I adore antique urns as well – and garden statues are so fabulous used inside! (and I’m going out on a limb here but I’m thinking maybe none of the flowers are real?!) Can’t wait to hear if that’s true!

    Thanks so much for putting this together and for including me 🙂


  4. claudia bassano says:

    Actually looks like peonies

  5. The tulips are real? Thanks for putting this all together! Wonderful posts and I enjoyed them all! Can’t wait for spring and found some good ideas!

    1. I think those tulips are the most real looking faux ones I’ve ever seen! They can so easily pass for real, but no, they’re faux… 😉

  6. It’s all so pretty. I have a question about your fireplace. I love it’s smooth white finish. Did you paint it, and if you did, what did you use?

    1. Thank you, Lizzy!! I had the company we bought it from paint it. They matched it to the Simply White paint I use for all of the trim in my home.

  7. I believe none of them are real except the dried lavender and the dried hydrangeas on the mantel.

  8. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I enjoyed reading about the Macy’s flower extravaganza. How to get up there to visit it one day. I don’t know why I always go to NY when it’s freezing. The tulips are fresh cut!

    1. Haha, yes the spring is a lovely time to visit New York!! And no, those tulips, amazingly, are faux. But they’re really realistic, even in person!!

  9. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Lory, your Family Room looks absolutely beautiful with all those arrangements! I bet you just love to sit and relax in there! I just love the double-handled white urn on your fireplace. I have been looking for something similar for quite some time!

    Enjoy your beautiful home!

  10. The Tulips are real? Thank you for putting it together! Great posts. I really loved them all! I can’t wait until spring! discovered some ideas!

    1. Nope! Trick question. None of them are fresh… 😉 The only ones that are “real” are the dried lavender and dried hydrangeas.

      I can’t wait for spring too!!