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  1. Judy Chaperon says:

    I love the spring florals you have chosen for the arrangement, but I have read that one should not put daffodils in an arrangement with any other flowers as they give off a liquid that is toxic to the other flowers. This will shorten the life of your arrangement.
    I just love the blue and white China and have some similar pieces hoarded that will become my mantle arrangement along with cobalt blue glass once spring is over. I seem to always be planning the next season’s decor!

    1. That’s interesting. In that case, I might mix the different flowers in separate blue and white containers but grouped together… 🙂

  2. Perfect tips Lory! I love the one about using colorful books. I found myself doing so this spring without even thinking about it and now I am going to make a point of using them. Your florals are always so lovely and the colors you used this time are gorgeous for spring!

  3. Naturally, the birds I liked are the wooden ones, which are probably not available anywhere! Lol! Beautiful vignette, Lory! I love the moss with the eggs, and the combination of refined with rustic elements. As eager as I am to bring Spring into my house, I let it creep in very slowly, waiting until after Lent, and letting it blast into the house on Easter morning. When my boys were little, I would grow grass for the Easter baskets, and the boys would watch its progress every day as Easter approached. I love the blue/white pieces with those vibrant Spring colors, and the little porcelain box is just darling.

    1. Thanks so much! Sound like a lovely tradition you had with the grass growing… 🙂 Someone else also asked about the wooden birds. Can’t remember where I got them but will see if I can find a receipt. They’re not that old – maybe from last year.

  4. Such a vibrant and beautiful floral arrangement! Loks lovelly Lory! Bring on spring!!!!

  5. Lory, you are truly amazing with your flowers! These are gorgeous! I’m always fond of blue with pink, they look so pretty together. And your little birds, the eggs (you know I love those:) and the moss all make the perfect spring vignette. And can we talk about the piece you have it on?! Such a gorgeous antique!

    Thanks so much for joining, and for all your help!


  6. Lory what a beautiful post! I love all of your Spring tips and you put everything together in such an elegant way! Love the use of birds and nests mixed with flowers, so pretty!


  7. So beautiful, Lory! I just love the little eggs and birds. So delicate and cute to go along with your french decor and the gorgeous flowers!

  8. This is beautiful. I love all the colorful elements you added.

  9. So gorgeous, Lory! I love these spring tips. And I’m dying over your trumeau mirror!
    Hugs, Jamie

  10. This is beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration!