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  1. Norma Rolader says:

    Great info Thank you and God bless

  2. Gorgeous options Lory! My bench has a rush seat, so a little more country French than modern French, but couldn’t live without it at the foot of my bed. I love the idea of a vignette, but the little prince, my cat Roscoe would nudge it off. After all it’s HIS house as is everything in it!

  3. All so beautiful! I love my golden yellow damask tufted storage ottoman with a 6″ bullion fringe that I picked up for a steal at a consignment shop for under $20! It was meant to be mine to match my French modern sofa of a similar colour. Sunny yellow brightens up the whole space and is an unexpected splash of Frenchy colour. =) Happy Week, Lori! Blessings, Ally

  4. looking for just the right size bench for foot of the bed. thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I’ve saved this for when I can finally buy a bedroom bench that we so badly need. One day I will get our home decorated in the furniture I love….french style!! In due time. Love the white bedroom with touches of pink and rose colored flowers. Thanks Lory!! I’m dreaming through your visions here:0)

  6. Terri Herman says:

    These are so pretty!
    I use a simple cedar chest at the foot of our sleigh bed.

  7. Really enjoy reading your comments every day.

  8. Sara Ross says:

    I love your creative ideas! I have drawers at the bottom of my bed but love all your suggestions for my guest room!

  9. Love this & all things French! Thanks for sharing.

  10. So love the ottomans…add so much style to a room!

  11. To be hones, I never thought of bedroom bench/ottomans before – -but seeing them here I can see why they are a nice addition to a bedroom.

  12. Your bedroom looks lovely and the bench adds to the decor!

  13. Thanks for all the great ottmans on your post. Im looking for one to put at end of bed also to catch the extra heavy bedding each nite

  14. I love benches!! I want to put one in my bedroom soon. Thx for all the greSt posts!

  15. tracey clark says:

    I purchased one of the benches posted here on wayfair. It is perfect!
    Thank you for sharing your recommendations and I especially like having the links so I know where to buy it from.

  16. Such beautiful options!

  17. Jan Kinman says:

    Thank you for all the great information!

  18. One of these benches would be a possibility for my living room!

  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous benches!!! I love that they can be double-duty, not only seating but a cushy substitute “table”. Beautiful, classic examples you’ve pictured~

  20. Helen Stewart says:

    The fancy, scalloped one and the round, all-over tufted one make me drool EVERY TIME I see them! One day!

  21. Gail Prowant says:

    I Love French decorating!

  22. Donna Stachulski says:

    I love a good ottoman, I am always searching thrift stores for one that I can redo in my own fabric. Thanks for all the ideas!

  23. We have a wooden bench at the foot of our queen-sized bed. It has three built in storage drawers so it does double duty. In fact, the way the bedroom is arranged, it’s the first storage area you reach when coming in the door. So handy!

  24. Pamela Smith says:

    beautiful benches!! They are so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  25. I have an old bench in the attic that I’m inspired to paint and recover the padded seat. Thanks for the ideas!

  26. Jeanne Luddeni says:

    I have 2 ottomans in my house. One in the kitchen and one in the bedroom.

  27. Kimberly Absher says:

    So many pretty styles!

  28. I would love one of these benches at the end of our bed!

  29. These are really beautiful benches. Having one at the end of the bed makes it nice to roll back the heavy covers in summer and have a place to lay them, as well as a place to sit. The upholster ones you’ve shown really dress up the room.

  30. Great inspiration! A good bench is indispensable

  31. Wow, amazing. I love your French bedroom with the beautiful bench at the foot of your bed. Loving it!!! I also love your the different benches you posted. Happy Fourth of July. Thanks for sharing

  32. Love the benches and photos. A few years back I found a really old large round one with original fabric and fringe in GoodWill. It had to be over 75 years old. I texted an antique dealer friend to pick it up. A rare find.