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  1. Pretty options. This hits at the perfect time because I’m looking at similar headboards to redo my son’s room. He needs a queen size bed and needs a more grown up look. I’m thinking wingback headboard and manly plaid.


  2. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    I love the wingback and it’s usually best to get what you want (no chance of regrets). I also like the 2nd headboard, the tufted one. It looks comfortable to lean on, if it were used for that. I had a arched velvet headboard, in the 70’s, so I would not do that again. Recently I was thinking about your ‘new coffee table’ and can’t wait to see what you picked.

  3. Just moved into my new renovated home and I feel the need to turn my bedroom into my comfort zone after a long day in the office…therefore I would like to see what fresh yet modern n affordable headboards you having

  4. Something to throw into the consideration discussion…we were browsing in Arhaus and stopped in front of the headboards. A salesperson told us “just remember tufted headboards are a nightmare to keep clean, especially if you have pets or a dusty house”. She went on to say be prepared to constantly vacuum out the tufts! I built my own padded headboard years ago. It’s easy…plywood, quilt batting, beautiful fabric and a staple gun. Voila!

    1. Oh, that’s interesting. I’ve had my tufted headboard for several years without any problem. But we use a lot of pillows on the bed included euro pillows to lean against when sitting in bed. How nice that you were able to DIY your own!

  5. Here’s a reasonably priced tufted bed, I purchased mine from Home Depot. I wish I could share a pic of it so you can see it. I’ve refurbished old headboards into tufted headboards for friends as well. I preferred to purchase instead.

  6. I have upholstered headboards in both mine and the main guest room. I like the fact that the softness breaks up all the hard surfaces of wood furniture. Another thing is if you have a matching bedroom set which is a no/no these days it helps break that up.

    I have a tufted one and don’t find it a problem to clean, with a quick vacumn with a soft attachment. Sprinkling baking soda on your upholstery leaves it fresh smelling.