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  1. Good morning, Lory! I like to be up early to catch the morning sky which is so beautiful this time of year. I know you’re anxious to get rid of your black countertop. I was the same way when we moved here four years ago but I wouldn’t do it over again. The black offers a nice contrast and sets off the white cabinets. The lighter countertop made everything look drab and dingy in my kitchen and I’m more or less stuck with it.
    That being said, I’m curious to know how you are going to replace the countertop now that you’ve done the backsplash. Our new backsplash is in and I hate the countertop more than ever. (I really feel bad for my husband, he tries hard to please but it seems I’m never satisfied ?). Originally it was a budget issue but now I’d bite the bullet and replace it except we think it would be an issue with the new backsplash. I’m really interested to know how you make out and how you manage to do this.

    1. What did you wind up putting in? Is it marble? What is the backsplash? Feel free to send me a photo. Maybe I can suggest decor or trim ideas that will make all the white pop. Do you have gold hardware, for instance?

      I can’t imagine not liking all white, as I love it in everyone else’s house… 🙂

      (We’re getting calacatta quartz which is the same as my island. My backsplash is already calacatta gold marble. Also getting a new white sink and gold faucet.)

  2. The perfect fall touches and it’s inspiring me to do more in my kitchen!

  3. Sylvia Tang says:

    Hi Lori,
    Can you tell me where I can find the gold brass kitchen cabinet handles and drawer pulls with the x on them?

    Thank you,

  4. A white pumpkin sitting in a grapevine wreath…you just can’t get any better nor easier than that for a perfect decoration for the fall.
    I’m ready for cooler temps!