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  1. Marty Oravetz says:

    Gorgeous I love all the colors of your luscious velvet pumpkins. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Beautiful Lory
    I love the pumpkins and the acorns –
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

    Much love,

  3. Leila Jane says:

    Hi Lory ~ I really love the soft lavender and sage and purple plush pumpkins you’ve chosen for your mantle. Then placing the soft pink roses among them is just delightful to my eye! I didn’t realize how harsh, by comparison, the colors of orange and brown are to me. I’m happy not to see those harsher colors! Anyway, I like your softer take on a Thanksgiving mantle. Oh, and I agree with you ~ I like your new white cabinets reflected in your beautiful French mirror, too! Thanks for sharing your beautiful spaces and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. Oh, Lory, your mantel is absolutely beautiful! I have been lusting after these velvet pumpkins for ages now but I know they would not look as stunning as they do in your interior. Your home is the perfect palette for displaying these elegant pumpkins. The tiny acorns are so cute too, I have never seen them before! I am wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks, Chloe! The pumpkins come in every color and would go great in your home too… ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  5. Daniele Bihiet says:

    Your pumpkins are so gorgeous. I love them on your mantle piece and on the table. I need to do more but I need stems.

    I’m puzzled at your acorns, I’ve never seen such big acorns. I really love them. Do you know the name of the oak they come from?

    I love the colors of your lovely blog.

    Thank you,

  6. I loved them on the table, and love them on the mantle! Did I miss your final decision on which tablescape to go with? Of course, whichever you chose will be gorgeous. Perhaps a little touch of them all?
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be grateful for.
    XO Ginger

    1. Thanks, Ginger, and believe it or not, I haven’t set my table yet! I actually think I will do a little of each but mostly the table with the botanical pumpkin plates and peony napkin rings. I’ll also have a second table in the kitchen though, so not sure on that one yet. I set so many tables that I can do them quickly… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Love what you have done. The color scheme is so pretty. I have the velvet pumpkins on my table and they just add so much to the table. What did we do without them!!
    Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving and many continued blessings.

  8. THANKSGIVING WISHES to you and yours…
    I am thrilled to see something other than the traditional red, gold, rust, brown and green for Thanksgiving decorating! As I look out at the (upper Midwest) morning landscape, in its final farewell to the Fall colors, I’m ready for your refreshing purples and greens to lead us into the Christmas season! Beautiful!

  9. Teddee Grace says:

    Love the color combination!

  10. Would you normally leave it up for a whole season? Or how regularly would you look to change it up?

    1. I usually leave a mantel up for anywhere between one and three months, depending on if I’m inspired to do something different or if I get sick of it, but generally, it should work for the whole season and can be changed as often as a seasonal door wreath.

      What I try not to do is to still have pumpkins or holiday ornaments up in February, but I can’t sweat it never happens… ๐Ÿ˜‰