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  1. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Your mantels are always beautiful and well appreciated. I have asked other bloggers, who have flocked trees, if the trees hold up or turn yellow after a few years. I haven’t received any reply’s so maybe your readers can share some information about these trees. Take care!

  2. Teddee Grace says:

    I really like the small bows with the very long tails made with narrower ribbon on those smaller wreaths in that one photo.

  3. Andrea Elisabeth Harmann says:

    Dear Lory,
    I had no idea that you are Jewish (although I am following you since a pretty long time). Even more special that you are dedicating your time and efforts to create wonderful decorations that are always to the point! I am Jewish myself but did not grew up with it. In terms of Christmas speaking bringing light into the home during the cold and dark season is what I believe universal and can and should be done, nevertheless your religious affiliation. I! would be delighted to see how you would decorate for all the Jewish Holidays. Nothing wrong with that. I believe that is up to your readers what to incorporate into their home or not. Why not having both. Already curious how you would decorate for Hannukah.
    Blessings, Andrea

    1. I actually have several Rosh Hashanah tables on the blog, as well as a few Hanukkah, but since the vast majority of my readers celebrate Christmas, I do more Christmas decor. Thank you for reminding me that people can be interested in decor that inspires, regardless of what they celebrate… 🙂