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  1. you have inspired me to look at my tiny, tired foyer.

  2. So clean and crisp! The cool tone really unites the pieces you’ve used in the entry. A pop of gold with whites and off whites is so pretty! So glad you finally got your floor completed. Things take time but well worth the wait. Great job Lory!

  3. Oh that’s beautiful Lory – totally worth the wait! And your bench is perfect in that space along with your lovely antiques. I’d feel so welcome walking in your door! šŸ™‚ Thanks for another round of fabulous inspiration!

  4. Kathy Simonson says:

    Lory I always love your updates. Your new entryway is gorgeous. The flooring is spectacular. Can you tell me where you purchased your lovely candle sconces. Absolutely love them. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much! Actually, those were purchased at an antique shop in Sorrento, Italy. Every time I look at them, I remember hubby carrying them all throughout Italy for the rest of that trip… lol!

  5. That floor is so stunning and the door mat truly accents it. Your look is so cool and welcoming.

  6. I am in love with the floor…but the bench made my heart skip a beat. It’s just beautiful!

  7. Mary Kaiser says:

    I love the new and improved entry. The bench is a great idea, I wish I had room for a bench to sit on to put on shoes. It turned out so fantastic!

  8. Joanne W. says:

    Your entryway is just beautiful. Job well done!

  9. I don’t normally critique another decorator’s work as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I thought I would mention a couple of things. Your colour scheme is lovely and your hall bench and buffet are statement pieces, but the sewing cabinet, while a lovely piece, just doesn’t belong in that room. Not all walls need art or furniture and that wall should be left alone. You already have two vignettes and that adds another one of the wrong scale. Pro paint tip….the air register above the picture grouping should be painted the wall colour to make it disappear. And the topiaries need square planters that elevate them from looking like they are just plopped on the floor. Planters with x’s on each side would look great. And lastly, if you need/want some privacy with your two sidelight windows, frost the glass instead of having curtains. Thanks for listening! Gwyn from Mariposa Design

    1. Thank you for your kind words about the palette and statement pieces. Re the air register, I completely agree, but we’re getting new registers, so I’m waiting until they come in. Likewise, the topiaries are being replaced. I think the sculpted boxwood is too uptight for the current attitude of my home, but again, waiting for the budget to open up for more relaxed olive tree topiaries. Then I can address the planters, but I like the idea of square X planters, as long as they’re not too preppy looking. I don’t, however, agree about the sewing cabinet. It’s down the hall in a more enclosed part of the hallway. It feels separate from the entry hall and the balance feels right to me. And finally, while I have been eyeing the lace sidelights for replacement, frosted glass is not something I would consider. We may just leave them open, as the front window next to the door is also wide open. And this is why it’s an evolution! Thanks for your input!!

  10. There is one word for your entryway. Wow does not even cut it. The floor is incredible and the cabinet is so perfect for the space. You are the Queen of decorating.