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  1. The 36 looks for every room would have been a wonderful resource except the google ads covered so much of the print that I couldn’t read it. Trying to close the ad did not work! So frustrating!

  2. I’m slowly trying to add more French style. Our home has a warm mix of Coastal/Cottage/French feel to it. After many moves we’re trying to add only what we love in and things that will stay in style forever.
    That blue French dining room is just all the more due to that ceiling detail.
    I keep thinking I’ll get a large floor mirror soon…just waiting on the right time to add it in.
    Saved your post for “as I go” buys.

  3. Not sure if you’re aware but the articles on France were totally unreadable due to ads covering up at least half of the printed material. I certainly understand the need for ads but in this case it made the post just a bunch of pictures which even some of them could not be seen. I always use my iPad to look at your blog so I’m not sure why this happens to be this way this week.