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  1. Terri Herman says:

    Such a nice place! A larger patio outback is on the list but for now we have a small “grilling” brick porch/patio. We are blessed to have a wonderful large sunroom & I’ve taken to using perennials in pots that winter in our heated sunroom. Makes it a bit easier.
    Sure wish those lovely woven chairs from World Market were weather-proof. Leaning toward polywood for the ease & longevity of outdoor furniture.

  2. Eileen Wilcox says:

    You have greatly inspired me to refresh my courtyard. I’m so glad I found your website. Thank you!

  3. Lovely and fresh. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

  4. oh how I wish that blue rug was available in larger sizes! Ive looked everywhere…. 5 x8 is all that remains. Of all your patio designs, that is my favorite.

  5. Thanks to your great advice, I am fixing up the screen porch!!! It looks tired and needs some fresh finds. I have started re working some plants and new pillows. Now I plan an outside rug!! Thanks so much for suggestions!!!

  6. Just love your summer patio! Your color choices are mine. My great grandmother used blue willow dishes and I just loved them. I use blue and white throughout my house.

  7. Beverly S says:

    Lamenting my lack of options, but you’ve inspired me to see what I can do!

  8. Micaela Brundage says:

    Your patio is lovely!

  9. Lisa Cress says:

    Thanks for the post! Gotta get busy!

  10. Your deck is so lovely. I can see why you use it a lot, it’s very inviting.
    I see you have mums already, as much as I don’t want to wish summer away, I am ready for fall. It’s been so hot. I agree it’s time to refresh the flowers on the deck. Mine are also looking tough from the heat.
    Awesome post as always!

  11. Pamela J. Brittain says:

    thanks for always including a resource guide with your post!!

  12. Pamela Smith says:

    Your patio looks beautiful! Great ideas for updating! Thank you!

  13. MANDY SMITH says:

    SUCH good ideas, anyone can use. My next patio project is having a roof built over it. Ceiling fans, soft lighting.

  14. I LOVE all of the color that the flowers add to your porch!

  15. Valerie Bouchard says:

    We just moved into our home this past December so this is our first Spring, Summer, & Fall here and truly love any tips on front and back porch/patio decor! Thank you!

  16. I love all your ideas

  17. Peggy Wilson says:

    I agree that flowers can transform anything and the blue and white are so beautiful. The pillows and throw put the finishing touches. Why can’t I pin? I’ve tried hovering over the picture, “save” doesn’t show up and each word of ‘PIN IT NOW” doesn’t work.

    1. I answered your other 2 comments and emailed you screenshots, as well. The pin button on the images works on my end when hovering. It’s in the top left corner of the image and is a red P with a square around it. But if it doesn’t work for you, use the tan Pinterest button at the top of the post. That will bring up all the images in the post for you to choose from and pin.

      (FYI, the “Pin It Now” is not a button. It’s just text to point you to the pin.)

  18. The lush flowers in your photos make me long for past homes in more temperate climates. My poor plants are looking so sad…too much intense heat!

  19. Good ideas about refreshing the patio! My pillows are looking sad—definitely faded!

  20. Nice update. I love having a spot to spend time outside.

  21. I love the fence, would anyone have information on manufacturer ?