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  1. I love them all! I have the 2 drawer French Hooker chest blue and gilt. Love it.. Hmm, now what are you eyeing? Can’t wait to see!

  2. Like these, thanks for posting. I am surprised that Target had that one, and really like it. I need to find a chest at some point for the powder room sink, these are good ideas.

    1. Cecilia from Georgia says:

      I’ll take 1 of each! Which one do you have your eyes on? I’m looking for a chest to use as a vanity in my half bath. Lots of good choices here. Thanks for putting these together!

  3. Nancy Walden says:

    I love French style chests. Like you, I’d like to have several of your selections! I already own 3 Bombay style chests and one small cabinet that has a curved door. I don’t need another chest but that doesn’t mean I don’t want one!

  4. Dianne T Lanier says:

    Thanks for sharing…these are beautiful chests!

  5. I agree that dressers can be very good options to have some good quality wood furniture in my home. I’ve been getting fond of buying more loungewear recently since I stay at home most days. Having a new dresser for those kinds of clothes will probably help me manage my clothes a lot easier.

  6. Love them all. I just bought the blue and white Mckinley 3 drawer chest for one of the bedrooms upstairs, and it is lovely. I got it at Antique Farmhouse, and believe it or not it was a little cheaper. Anyway I know you will pick the perfect one, you always do.

  7. It’s hard to think ‘functional’ when we love ‘pretty’ My favorite is the Hooker 3 drawer in turquoise.

  8. Rebecca Payne says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous! love your recommendations.