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  1. I never thought to make Valentines Day about family! We’ve always given the kids little gifts, but we, the adults, have stopped going out, for the same reasons you did. I think I will change things up and make it a special family dinner, because, in reality, aren’t we all in love with our families? Thanks for a beautiful post, as always 🙂

  2. St. Valentine was a Roman priest who ministered to persecuted Christians during the 3rd Century. He was martyred on February 14. There are lots of theories as to why this day is associated with courtly love, but the idea of sharing it with family and friends, and those in need is closer to what St. Valentine did. Have a blessed day.

  3. Such a beautiful table Lory – and I’m in LOVE with that lacy dinner plate (might have to get those! ;))

    Happy Valentine’s Day my friend!


  4. Teresa Snipes says:

    Lovely table, as always! I love your pastel pink plates!

    Like you, we stopped dining out for Valentine’s Day many years ago due to the crowds and overpriced food. It has always been about home and family because our children had so many people for whom we were so grateful they were an integral part of their lives and wanted to show them honor and love on this day. Our children wrote out personal Valentines to family and friends and had a blast handmaking it all.

    Since it’s just been the 2 of us for several years now, we make an especially nice meal with good wine and dessert.

    A few years ago I came upon Fresh Market’s Valentine’s Day deal: steak and lobster, chocolates, and flowers. All delicious and lovely!

    This year, as always, I’ll be sending our young grandchildren sweet little Valentine’s gifts they can enjoy. It’s just another way Nana and PaPa can be a part of their lives.

    Thank you for the constant reminder that it’s all about family. Like you, I have loved serving my family by creating and maintaining a lovely home. It is a gift to those we love.

  5. Ginger Valdes says:

    It’s a gorgeous table, Lory. And to add to that history, while Valentine was imprisoned, he would write messages of loving one another, on whatever scraps of paper he could find and throw them out of his window for random strangers to find. It was never meant to be a romantic occasion, so you got it right! It’s about family and friends and love.

  6. Michele M. says:

    My hubs and I did the St. Valentine’s Day thing years ago – but no waaaaaaay do we do it now. You hit the nail on the head – it’s crowded in restaurants, the help is irritable, everyone is stressed and unhappy – doesn’t equal love and romance to me, either.

    Now we don’t do the family thing either but I have hosted a St. Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea for years – to invite some gal pals who have lost their spouses or are single. I love a beautiful feminine lovely tablescape and have an entire lifetime collection of gorgeous china patterns and all the frills that go with it. Of course not this year – but I look forward to hosting parties again.

    Well done on that gorgeous table, Lory!

    1. Teresa Snipes says:

      What a wonderful gift you give to those who have lost their spouses on a day that would be so sad for them! So often, when women lose their husbands, those groups with whom they had been so close fall away. I saw this happen with my own mother after my father passed away. She would have loved the way you have reached out to these hurting ladies! What a blessing you are to them!

  7. What a gorgeous table. I love all your beautiful touches. Those velvet hearts are so adorable! Your table is perfect for an amazing Valentine’s dinner with the family!

  8. Lory, I really like all your posts. Can you recommend such a beautiful table setting for a birthday in February?

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Eva! Yes, I would absolutely use the table as is for a February birthday, after all it is the month of love. But you could also just remove the hearts and put colorful cupcakes or more flowers in instead… 🙂

  9. CarolBinTX says:

    Love love love the dishes…gosh, I love dishes! I need more storage space before I commit to more though!

    We haven’t gone out in years and we usually babysit for our daughter so that they can go out…I’m waiting for them to realize it’s a hassle and not very special. They’ve already realized that about New Year’s Eve…Valentines Day might take a few more years!

  10. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Spectacular table setting! You are so thoughtful with small touches such as gifts in each chair!

  11. Beautiful table and so many great ideas! Found heart shaped ravioli at Costco and that’s what we’re having for dinner.