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  1. Lory, a beautiful table! I too go with an all white look for the new year, utilizing silver chargers, silver pitchers and crystal candlesticks ( for the icey look ). My ruffled white linen tablecloth was a custom Etsy find. Your silver washed candlesticks are on my must have list! White hydrangeas or roses, and I’m ready! Enjoy you New Year’s brunch and all the best for 2017.

  2. Marty Oravetz says:

    Stunning. So pretty

  3. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Lory, your table is just beautiful! You always do such a lovely job!

    I love your linen ruffled tablecloth and am going to probably order one today! It’s so pretty! When we got married 48 years ago, most of our wedding gifts were pieces of silver and I love all of it and use it all. I always enjoy setting a beautiful table!

    Hope you are blessed with a wonderful 2017! Thanks for all your wonderful decorating ideas!

  4. Bobbi Duncan says:

    I’m beginning to sound repetitive…can one say gorgeous too many times? I just love all your table settings, what can I say. I have the Horchow candlesticks, too. They are so perfect for a silver and gold setting. Best of everything in the New Year, Lory!

  5. What a classy and elegant way to usher in the new year. I hope 2017 is off to a great start and I look forward to more of your beautiful designs this year.

  6. Happy New Year Lory. Love the tablescape. You are one of my favorite designers. Always elegant and never fail to impress.

  7. Breathtaking! I will flag this setting for my 50th Wedding Anniversary some day! It would be hard for me to work my blackeye peas, collard greens, carrots and cornbread traditional New Year’s luncheon into this elegant design, but if I had your tablecloth, I would give it my best try!!!!

  8. Simply stunning! Looks like you and your friends will have a gorgeous New Year’s Eve dinner.

  9. Beautifully and elegantly done! Love the mix. Extending and VERY HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES. -Brenda-

  10. Oh my gosh Lory! Every time I think your tables can’t get any more gorgeous, I see another one! This is absolutely stunning! Silver, gold, and white are my very favorites, and I love everything about this table! Happy Fresh Start New Year to you! ?