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  1. Definitely agree with how important fragrance is in our homes. I love the battery candles but also burn scented candles and have quite a collection of them for every season. For January I like a clean citrus scent. One of the nicest compliments I had was when my teenage granddaughter told me myt house always smells so good!

  2. What a lovely post! I think your ideas are wonderful and thank you so much for the sources. Also…thank you for including my sachets. 🙂

  3. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my thank you for sharing these great ideas for using wonderful scents

  4. Bobbi Duncan says:

    Lory, thank you for your fragrance suggestions. I use scented candles and have noticed they infuse their scents into my furniture fabrics, keeping the house smelling nice even when I haven’t burned a candle for awhile…like when you bring something home from a store that has candles and you can still smell it on the item months later. I also like sachet in my drawers and it makes the furniture smell nice as well. Hugs!

    1. Sara ross says:

      Thanks for all your ideas. One fragrance idea I Use is to put a drop of fragrance oil on the paper roll inside my toilet paper as I change out a roll. It makes the bathroom smell so nice when you walk in!

  5. I love adding a fragrance to our home decor. The smell of fresh baked goods, a slow cooking pot roast in the crock pot, and a spicy cinnamon, orange, cloves, and apple simmering potpourri are some of my favorites. I remember coming home from school as a kid and walking in and smelling fresh baked chocolate cookies. I pronounced, “This smells like Grandma’s house!” My mother was thrilled with the compliment. You’ve inspired me to be more indulgent with home fragrance “decor”. I am going to light my candles more often for me, and not just for guests. I might try some pillow fragrance sprays. Thanks for the ideas.

  6. Who doesn’t love a fresh, clean scent when entering a home? You have given us excellent ideas to accomplish just that. I bought a reed diffuser and love it. So many fragrances are made with artificial and sometimes harmful products so I tend to stick with essential oils. Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven…fresh bread, cookies, pies, cakes all are wonderful smells. My sister-in-law’s house always smells so nice and I don’t think she uses any candles or essential oils. It is probably due to the fact that her house has been cleaned to within an inch of its life. ha! Keeping trash emptied and dishes washed up goes a long way to preventing malodorous scents. You would think people could figure this out, but when my husband was a home inspector, you could immediately tell the houses that were not clean. Lory, another great post!

  7. I enjoy you blog and your subjects. Unfortunately, your page drops and has to be reposted far too often. Each Saturday, I begin and finally give. Thought I should let you know. I use an Apple mini Ipad.

    1. Thank you for letting me know. But what do you mean by “drops” and “reposted”? Do you mean it’s slow loading? Or?

  8. Great ideas for creating lovely scents in your home. I think it is so important to make a home environment that appeals to all the senses.

  9. Adding flowers to the grocery budget is a great idea. It’s hard to be cranky when they’re fragrant fresh flowers around. Many years ago I fell in love with aromatherapy and even got a certificate to practice it. I no longer make any fragrances, candles or bath products but I buy lots of them. Right now I’m in love with room sprays and diffusers and I just can’t get enough of them. Lovely post and thanks for sharing it with us at Celebrate Your Story.

  10. I couldn’t agree more Lory! Fragrance is so important in a home. I usually have a candle lit everyday, but I love some of your other ideas that I don’t normally use! I’m going to have to purchase some pillow sprays and potpourri!


  11. Lory, I consider this another “Little Pleasures” post. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Your source list is simply wonderful, if a little dangerous. I got lost quite a while in each of those sites. What a treat! But I’ve also enjoyed your gorgeous photography. I want to go out and replicate those still life images and buy EVERYTHING in them! My favorite scents for the home are lavender and citrus as well. However, last year I found a marvelous scent at Pottery Barn in a hobnail diffuser bottle called “White Flower” that is so good! I stocked up but I’m going to be sad once it’s all gone, this one is not part of their regular line). Thank you for all the clever inspiration! I’m going to try to remember to burn more candles just for me.

  12. Tonya Baker says:

    My bedroom is always lavender scented. Sooo relaxing!

  13. Kimberly Bruns says:

    I just love the Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist. Also love using Yankee Candle Warmer Melts in Lilac. I keep the warmer under a table and turn it on everyday. Use it a few times before company comes though as it is strong the first few times. I love your ideas!

  14. Linda Buchanan says:

    Great post about ways to spread fragrance in your home. I don’t often burn candles but when I do, I create a reminder to make sure they are out before I go to bed. Lately my reminder has been to place my nightgown somewhere strange so it acts as a trigger that something needs to be done before bed. I have also placed my toothbrush in a different location as a reminder.

  15. Jill Scott says:

    It is so important to me to have a good smelling home.

  16. BettyAnne says:

    Thank you for the fragrance suggestions and especially the sources.

  17. Love lavender for a fresh scent.

  18. Laura Lander says:

    With a house full of animals, keeping things smelling pleasant is a priority. Glad to see the variety of suggestions and sources. I love citrus scents , rise, and—when I can find it—lilac. Magnolia is another favorite since it’s a bit lemony.

  19. CarolbinTX says:

    I find that I get the most bang for my buck with an essential oil mist diffuser. I loathe lingering cooking smells…so much so I don’t want to cook at night and wake up to wafting onions and garlic! I buy the oils from Walmart, they have some nice seasonal scents.


    Being a dog mom it is very important to me that my house does not smell like my dogs.
    I am always trying to keep the doors open, but there is nothing better than a smell of fresh flowers, sprays, or a candle burning that can make a home smell welcoming.

  21. Terri Herman says:

    My house is not very neutral nor put together but my neighbor is obsessed with the way it smells- I use two ceramic essential oil diffusers, one with some sort of mint and the other with geranium. I also use the laundry detergent and softener that is unscented and add a few drops of geranium ee. Makes a big difference!

  22. Lavender is definitely my favorite scent, thank you so much for sharing all these ideas, it makes me want to try them all. I also bake very often (one of my passions) and my children love it, I hope they remember these little things one they when they grow up!

  23. Sherry Heavin says:

    Look so forward to this weekly addition in my “mail.” Lovely articles and ideas.

  24. I love good smelling scents in my house too. I have to keep changing it up because I think I get used to one smell.

  25. Thanks for the great ideas. I love fragrance in the home, and have three diffusers, and lots of candles (don’t use them much because of the cats)

  26. Great post! Thanks for the links to the products!

  27. I love that you shared sources for the scents and products that you like.

  28. I could almost smell all of your ideas thru the pictures! very nice!

  29. Virginia Chaltry says:

    Putting flowers in elegant china – beautiful!

  30. I have 10 lavender plants in my yard so always have an abundance of dried lavender. Putting it in sachets is one of my favorite things to do,

  31. Sachets are great to add to my drawers but sitting on the counter in grandmas old fancy glass dish..better!:0)….Scenting the house makes such a difference especially at night when your trying to calm your mind.

  32. Thanks for the reminder of all the ways to scent your home. I forget but am on it now!

  33. I find that scents can transport you to a different place, or remind you of a certain person. They tend to relax you and or spark energy. I love scents and I love the article.

  34. I love fragrance for the home. Many years ago, on our first trip to Greece, the hotel had small bottles of Vitabath’s Original green gel and I loved it. I have used it in my bath ever since. My first trip to another favorite place, Williamsburg, VA, in their home shop, there was the profusion of a wonderful smell of Claire Burke’s Original fragrance. How I love it! Again, I use it often in my home now. Here in Kansas City, we have Pickwick candles, and they have wonderful fragrances, and are not necessarily inexpensive, but worth it.

  35. Scents are very important in our homes! Thanks for the sources. I do change my scents seasonally and have many candles to choose from.