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  1. Janice Hixon says:

    What a beautiful book. I would be proud to own it.

  2. I too love beautiful coffee table books that depict the warmth and welcome of home. Not only do they serve inspiration to make our homes beautiful and peaceful places to live, they provide a conversation piece that expresses our unique personality!

  3. Yes, I love a beautifully illustrated decorating book or magazine, and I love big coffee table books. Would love to win this one!

  4. Brenda in Virginia says:

    As much as I love Pinterest and Instagram, nothing beats sitting in a cozy chair with my cup of tea, dreaming over a book chock full of design ideas and stunning vignettes. It’s truly a great escape. The images you have shared today from Courtney’s book are breathtaking…

    Thanks for making my morning!

  5. I’ve been following the French Country Cottage blog for quite some time and I never tire of the incredible images and exquisite vignettes. I could just move into Courtney’s dreamy greenhouse!

  6. I’ve always loved books and especially loved flowers. My mother had what you would call a black thumb, she killed every plant she ever owned! But, she was talented with the sewing machine and could whip up curtains and a bedspread faster than anyone I know. But it left me with a desire to have a home and yard filled with plants and flowers. The photo of the lilacs is breathtaking, the colors piercing in their intensity. It’s amazing how much pleasure can be derived from a cup of tea and a decorating book filled with these images!

  7. Oooh la la! So many pretties!

  8. I have her first book and use it as a guide for my own decorating. I’ve love to win her new book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Since retiring I usually have to wait to get decorating books from the used section on Amazon! I would love to not have to wait for this one!

  10. Annette W. says:

    I love coffee table books. “Inspired Gatherings” is a beautiful one and would love to win it.

  11. MissLindyS says:

    Have been following Courtney since she started. I should be so proud to have a copy of her new book. It looks truly beautiful.

  12. Jony Baron says:

    Thanks so much for inviting me to share your love of beautiful decorated books. I’m also a magazine junkie and books give me great joy for years to come and I love using them in my home decor. I love going through each page and finding something new to add to my home and share with others. Many of the books you have listed I haven’t even heard of and I’m looking forward to sourcing out. Thanks again for sharing?

  13. Aeriol Liera says:

    Everything French just melts my heart!

  14. I love your blog and would really enjoy this book!

  15. I absolutely love this book! Courtney’s photography is amazing and how she ties it all together is fantastic would love to add this book to my dream library

  16. Charlotte says:

    Don’t you just love it when a picture in a decorating book takes your breath away? …..aah…I do! I sure hope I win!

  17. Juliet Neely says:

    Wow that book looks amazing. I’d love a copy.

  18. Patti Sanchez says:

    Love, love your blog!

  19. Beautiful book,full of decorating inspiration

  20. Cate Quinn says:

    Long time ago I worked for a publisher and coffee table books were my absolute favourite. My husband’s uncle happened to be in charge of staff sales, so was always on the lookout for books for me. The selection he kept back for me where home interiors and flower arrangements. My collection before my children came along was proudly displayed for all my visitors to enjoy. I’d love this book to restart my collection, as my old books were damaged when we had leak in our attic.

  21. I love to browse through decorating books and this one looks very interesting!

  22. Oh how I love a fabulous decorating book! I would love to have Courtney’s new book..so much better to get lost in a wonderful book instead of the internet?Thanks for the chance!

  23. I have followed your blog for awhile now and you are rubbing off on me!
    Your organization posts have been so valuable to me. I think I am ready
    for more – thank you for the give away opportunity for such a lovely

  24. Ruth Newton says:

    This is a truly beautiful book. Your opening paragraph made me smile. I am also moved by a beautiful scene or photo. I had fixate on how someone has put together a vignette or decorated a side table. Incidentally, I feel that way about your kitchen. Everything from the lights, countertops and cabinets are pure perfection. That is how I initially started following your blog. I saw your kitchen somewhere and had to learn more.

    1. Thank you Ruth! And that is lovely to hear… 🙂 It’s so funny when we look at others’ homes whom we wish to emulate and we forget that our own homes can inspire, as well.

  25. Bernadette Anderson says:

    The exquisite way to wile away the day.

  26. So many gorgeous home decor books, so little time! I could get lost for hours among them! Thanks for the chance to win a new addition!

  27. I would love this book. Please pick me.

  28. Just takes your breath away!!

  29. I’m in love with all the floral arrangements! I wish I could live inside every page! This book would be an indulgence into my daydreaming heart.