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  1. Fresh and light is best for these hot summer days…I so agree.
    The scent of the peonies cut from the garden smell divine inside. I don’t like the heat but sure am glad to be free of the cold for awhile..and walking pups in the cold..ugh!
    So pretty Lory! Your kitchen looks cool and inviting!

  2. Smith Cynthia says:

    Where did you purchase your chandeliers in the kitchen? Beautiful!!!!!

  3. Always so beautiful and many good tips. I always wonder where, in the beautifully staged pictures, do you keep your toaster and paper towels? 😉

    1. My paper towels are right there on the counter next to the sink in a Michael Aram paper towel holder. (You can see the tip of it in the sink image.) I like to make practical things look pretty. I also have a coffee maker and an air fryer on the counter, but they are white so you barely notice them.