1. Thank you! That was so well put! I’ve always valued things in my home (like the better appliances for example) and have had people make comments to me about it. Not nice ones either. I’ve been called “princess” by one of my husbands friends, materialistic by others. It used to hurt my feelings. But as I grow older I just know what I like and what I want to spend my money on. I don’t do extravagant vacations every year or things like that. So to me, investing on making my home my sanctuary, is what makes me happy. And it’s nice to have someone validate that for me.

    1. You’re welcome and I’m so glad you appreciated it! You should never have to apologize for spending your own money and you should never have to defend your priorities. In my opinion, we should all treat ourselves as well as we can… 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Lory on your new publication about downsizing. It is amazing how few people plan in advance and spend time thinking about what they want. I started a notebook years before we moved and was able to plan ahead.
    As for luxury, I too have had rude comments and nasty remarks about my hone. So much so that it immobilized me when we first moved here, trying to fix my home so others would like it.
    Not anymore with most thanks going to you, Yvonne, and Janet. I love how you incorporate small pleasures into your daily routine and fill your home with soothing things. Life is harsh enough.
    Here’s one thing to try. Once while dining in a foreign country they brought us velvet pillows to put under our feet while eating. It really complimented the great dinner.

    1. What a great idea! I love that!! I’m also glad you’ve been inspired by our posts! It’s always a pleasure to hear your reasoned perspective… 🙂

  3. All I can say ladies, is we are women with extremely good taste! If beautiful things make us happy, so be it. They don’t live here, we do!

    And as always Lory, all your postings are inspiring & beautiful!

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