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  1. Love your site. Have been following for several years. I especially enjoyed today’s post because you use that old copper coffee pot. One just like it was used on the groom’s table at my wedding 52 years ago. And with a hurricane approaching here in deep South Texas, it’s good to see such a lovely post and site to take my mind off that. Thank you.

  2. Mums, plaid throws, cozy pillows and pumpkins? Yes, please! Oh how I’d love to be sitting here with you enjoying a glass of wine!

    Happy fall my friend!


  3. I’m so ready for fall!! So glad you posted some ideas today. I don’t want to rush summer but I love the fall cooler temps. If there were a place to live that had year round 65-75 temps I’d be there!
    Feels as if I just put my furry throw pillows away. I do need to get some cotton throw blankets…love the plaid!
    Yes! Wine!!

    1. Haha to the wine!! I’m a big fan of seasonal decorating, so I enjoy all of the seasons (well, maybe not winter… lol). It’s fun to plan ahead… 🙂

  4. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Hi Lori! I love the soft colors that you used; we don’t have pumpkins yet but I’m sure they will show up in markets soon.

  5. Isn’t it sad how quickly the summer patio blues are transitioning to the vibrant warm tones of the quickly upcoming fall season? A patio is truly a place to relax and rewind. Your photos capture that but I’m not ready for “warmth” of fall yet. Why cant summer last longer?

    1. Ah, there’s still plenty more summer left. Today it was 90 degrees here! BUT it’s still a good time to shop for fall… 😉

  6. I live in an area where I could not have cloth pillows and anything with material because of the rain and snow (in the winter)….we usually take our summer furniture off the porches and store them in the garage for the winter

    1. We bring ours in for winter too, but I do leave them out for September and October, and sometimes even until Thanksgiving… 😉

  7. Micaela Brundage says:

    So crazy to be thinking about fall already, so excited!

  8. Hi Lory,
    Thank you for all your resources for Fall decorating. This will help us so much when our new patio is completed in October. Just in time for fall! I love, love , love the coffee table from Pottery Barn. I also love Terrain and Frontgate! All so beautiful. Can’t wait till it’s all completed!

  9. Looking forward to updating our deck furniture. Your links were very helpful and your outside space so pretty. Reminded me to I need to start thinking of fall flowers.

  10. Patricia Mihalic says:

    Love the fall ideas, even though I’m totally not ready for the change in seasons lol!